5 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Mom Style

Tasha of How We Soul has written an inspiring guest post for you on ways to elevate your style as a mama. Check out How We Soul and their awesome products, here.

There are many who think “mom” and “style” go together as naturally as “toddler” and “clean”.  Limited time, limited energy, and limited funds create a tough environment for much more than a ponytail and the hope of matching shoes.

Though I will never tell you to ignore your teething child so you can perfectly curl your hair, I have found that on the days I looked like a hot mess, I ACTED like one too.  And this was not something I wanted to model to my two little misters.  @@I want them to see a mom with self-confidence@@, who values herself, and who offers herself grace when things don’t go as planned.  So I found quick, easy things that gave me a boost, both physically and mentally, and today I share them with you!

5 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Mom Style

1. Gorgeous diaper bag (or catch-all purse)

My bag, nicknamed Mary Poppins, carries it all: Band-aids? Check.  Wipes? Check. Enough food, extra clothes, and toys to carry us through the next ice age? Check. Though I basically carry the amalgamation of a hospital and a locker room, I don’t want to feel like a pack mule in the process. After multiple attempts of using an inexpensive bag that wore out within a month or two of purchasing, I finally splurged on a swoon-worthy bag from Timi & Leslie. Now Mary Poppins is a bag I WANT as my constant companion. Even if my outfit is simple, the bag makes a strong, stylish statement. Enough so that when my kids graduated from the diaper stage (can I get a Halleluiah?!?), I continued to use this bag as a purse, laptop bag, and carry-on when traveling. And its longevity made the price I spent ($100) worth every penny. So find a bag you love to carry and that will hold up to anything you throw at it.  

2. Simple hairstyles that don’t require heat styling (or a shower)

Remember the good ‘ole days when you took long showers every morning?  Yeah, me neither. Most weeks there isn’t enough dry shampoo in the whole wide world to revive my mane to how it looked the last time I curled it. And I’ll be the first to admit that a ponytail became my go-to hairstyle (like, everyday). That is until I became hopelessly addicted to the magic of Pinterest, with its 18 billion ideas on quick, easy hairstyles. Since a ponytail is my jam, I searched “ponytail styles” and was rewarded with ideas on how to make my ponytail look thick or how to add a chic braid or a quick curl. I’ve also had great luck with searching for “no heat curls” (ways to curl your hair while you sleep or while watching your child’s favorite cartoon on repeat). Whatever type of hair you have (thick, wavy, thin, short, long), find a repertoire of low effort hairstyles that work for you. And when all else fails, try my fastest hair tip and simply add a fashionable hat (my fedora has been a lifesaver)!

3. Quick makeup routine

I’ve seen dozens of 10-minute makeup routines that look amazing (and by “seen”, I’ll always mean on Pinterest). If this would work for you, definitely go check those out! But I’ve found that if I’m lucky enough to change out of my pj’s and throw my hair into a cute braid, I might not have 10 minutes left before I need to head out the door or intervene on a “who-touched-this-lego-piece-first-and-therefore-claimed-ownership” issue. My advice is to pick a favorite facial feature and apply something simple yet impacting. Since I wear glasses (and have chosen bold, black frames), I’ve found I can skip all eye makeup except for mascara and just add a lip crayon for a pop of color. If I have another 5 seconds, I’ll use a quality powder to matte and even out my oily skin. Maybe you have stunning eyes that you can play up with eyeliner or killer cheekbones that you can highlight with a bit of blush or a bronzer. Moral of the story: you don’t have to do it all to look amazing.

4. Items that can multi-task as well as you

I remember one day when I was simultaneously prepping food for my toddler, holding the baby on one hip, answering questions from my husband on the phone, and sneaking bits of food for myself. My father-in-law was absolutely blown away by how much a mother can accomplish when needed. We all do it, just part of the gig (and survival!), but it IS quite impressive and should be celebrated (seriously, you’re amazing!!). I find that I gravitate to products that can roll with my multitasking. A few favorites are a gorgeous silk infinity scarf that doubles as a nursing cover/wrap (like this one from Etsy), my How We Soul leggings that can be worn to the gym, playing matchbox cars on the floor with my boys, or dressed up for going out, and teether beads from Chew Beads that mask themselves as stylish jewelry (no one ever believed that they were made of pacifier material until they felt them). Any piece that can simplify how much I carry and maximize ways it can be used is a winner in my book!

5. Wear Joy

This past Christmas my sweet hubby and two little misters surprised me with a gorgeous “Bar of Goodness” necklace from Link of Hearts.  Each of the four sides was engraved with a word they had chosen.  Though every word was meaningful, I was extra struck by the word my oldest son had picked: happy. He said that he wanted, more than anything else, for me to be happy. Woah. It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of parenting: when your child ate last, if you have any clean diapers in your bag, and where you car keys went because they were right here 10 minutes ago! I’m the first to admit that parenting is more stressful than I had imagined. I’m also here to tell you that it’s ok. @@It’s ok to not do everything perfectly, it’s ok to learn as you go@@, it’s ok give yourself (and your child) grace. At the end of the day, your child won’t remember the messy floors or the piles of laundry, but will remember the mom who laughed at their nonsense jokes, who played on the floor with them, and who modeled the power of joy on those around you. I guarantee it will be the most beautiful thing you put on.

Hi I'm Tasha, mother of two energizer-bunny boys, wife to a handsome and hilarious teacher, and hopelessly addicted to Fixer Upper.  I run How We Soul, a company that sells performance fabric activewear that is chic enough to be dress up and also gives back to the incredible Botswana Orphan Project. Find How We Soul on Facebook and Instagram.