Intentional | an Email Course + Bible Study

I am super siked to announce the newest Little City Adventures Bible study! The last study, 7-days/7 Women of Faith had a fantastic response and if it's even possible, this one is going to be even better! Bible studies on Little City Adventures are one-time dealios that are one-week long and arrive in your inbox each morning. My plan is to turn these seven-day studies into 30-day Bible studies that are available for purchase after the free 7-day study is over. Soon, the 30-day version of the 7 Women of Faith study will be available for you to purchase! It will include the content shared in the free version but even more awesomeness will be added into it! It's gonna be some good stuff.

For now, I am so excited to tell you about Intentional because it is going to be epic

Intentional | email course + bible study

Intentional is a 7-day email course and Bible study on intentional living. If you've ever wanted to learn about this intentional living "trend" or if you've never heard about intentional living and want to learn more, then this course is for you! Aside from the basics of intentional living, we will also go over what the Bible says about living with intention and I'll help you craft your very own faith-based, intention statements to live by.

The course begins on Sunday, October 23rd and ends on Saturday, October 29th. Each day you will receive an email that includes a lesson on intentional living as well as a Bible study related to that day's lesson. If you are in the middle of another Bible study or if you're afraid you won't be able to commit to doing the course each day, you should still sign up for the course! Once it's in your inbox, it doesn't go away unless you delete it so you can complete it at your leisure. I participated in an email Bible study way back in July and because of having a baby and all that, I still have like six days sitting in my inbox waiting for me to complete. So if this course interests you, be sure to sign up while it's free even if you can't participate during the week of the 23rd. 

The Course Schedule

As I said earlier, each day will include a lesson on intentional living and a Bible study related to the day's lesson topic. I've put together a cohesive schedule for the course which you can check out below. Please note that items are subject to change slightly or be moved to different days.

Day One

Lesson: Defining "intentional living" 
Bible Study: Paul - an intentional Christian

Day Four

Lesson: Understanding Our Expectations Part I
Bible Study: Love God Above All Else, Love Others As Yourself, & Study the Bible

Day Two

Lesson: What the Bible Says
Bible Study: Verses on Intentional Living

Day Five

Lesson: Understanding Our Expectations Part II
Bible Study: Share the Gospel, Protect Your Innocence, Forgive

Day Seven

Lesson: Setting Intentions Part II
Bible Study: Christian Values + Priorities Part II

Day Three

Lesson: Understanding Our Roles
Bible Study: Titus 2:3-5 & Proverbs 31:10-31

Day Six

Lesson: Setting Intentions Part I
Bible Study: Christian Values + Priorities Part I

I'm so passionate about living with intention, it's the only way I can possibly get things done and live out the life God has planned for me, and I cannot wait to help you begin your journey to living with intention. If you're ready to get started with your life of purpose, sign up to join the Intentional course and Bible Study. Or click the button below to start the sign up process.