Daily Routine of a SAHM with an Infant + Toddler

Once upon a time there was a little fourth grade girl who was so OCD that every day she typed up a schedule. A schedule down to the minute, the second really. She even scheduled when to put shampoo into her hair during her shower. When she grew up, she continued to enjoy making schedules. The end. 

That little fourth grade girl was me. 

And  yes, I still seriously enjoy making schedules and coming up with a routine. Like I enjoy coming up with a color coded schedule and organizing our daily activities. 

I'm a total planning nerd.

Since becoming a mom I've definitely become more flexible in my daily routine but I still enjoy having the structure of a daily routine. I've learned that having flexibility in your routine is essential to staying happy and sane, especially if you have kids. Kids thrive on routine and structure but we also know that if they want to throw a fit instead of doing tot school, they will. That's just life.

Now that we've added a new baby into the mix we've had adjust our old routine and it's taken a few weeks but we finally have a fairly set routine. So what does my day look like with an infant and a toddler? Other than insane, of course.

My goal is to set my alarm and wake up at 6am everyday to nurse Daniel and have a few minutes to do some devotions before William wakes up. But sometimes Daniel wants to nurse at 5:30 instead or William decides to wake up at 6 so I have to adjust our routine as needed. It's that flexibility thing again.

Our morning activity can vary and sometimes we just end up being lazy, if I'm being honest. Most often our activity involves doing something with my mom and grandma or that just being lazy thing. Ha. #reallife My goal is to schedule more playdates during this time, we have semi-regular playdates with our neighbor but we have so many friends with kids who are similar ages to mine that live within just a mile or two of us. Or sometimes we just go for a short walk and hang out around the house the rest of the morning. As you can tell I'm quite the homebody so I'm happiest when we spend most of the day at home.

We also use technology a lot in our home which may be different from your home. My husband works in IT and I'm a blogger...what can you expect? Ha. My view on using technology with your kids is that it's totally fine but each family is different so if your family doesn't want to use technology at all, then it's fine. Do what works for you and your family.

To help you create your own routine, I've made a table in a Word Document for you to fill in and I have a link to a pdf version of the table all filled in as an example for you. Click the button below, or click here, to get access to the free resource library where you can download your routine template and example.

What does your daily routine look like? Do you have a strict schedule or are you more fluid with it?