12 Recipes To Make with Your Toddler

One of my favorite things to do is bake and it's an absolute joy (even though it requires much patience) to have my crazy little toddler bake alongside of me. As soon as he could somewhat follow directions I had him help me bake by dumping in the measured dry ingredients. We've since upgraded to him also pouring in wet ingredients, mixing with a spoon, and he can kind of help measure. He also really enjoys just watching the KitchenAid mix. 

Baking and cooking with your children is important, it gives them a healthy relationship with food, teaches them basic life skills, and teaches them some math skills. Plus it's just fun to have some company in the kitchen! I've rounded up a dozen recipes that you can have your toddler help you make, the recipes are either just plain fun and a toddler will enjoy making them or it's a recipe I feel that everyone should know how to make (like chocolate chip cookies!). 

I'd love to see you working in the kitchen with your kiddo so take a photo and tag me on Instagram, @abbybarstow, and use the hashtag #littlecitykitchen.

12 Recipes to make with your toddler

1. Simply perfect rice krispie treats

From Baking a Moment. What kid doesn't love Rice Krispie Treats??! This a great recipe for toddlers to help with because they will love getting all sticky and gooey. 

2. Apple pie egg rolls

From Spend with Pennies. Your toddler will love to help roll up these yummy dessert-style egg rolls.

3. Chocolate No bake cookies

From Landeelu. This is probably best for older toddlers because the ingredients are mainly hot but your toddler will love seeing how the cookies go from hot and runny to cookie-form.

4. Easy muffins filled with jam

From Honey & Birch. This a good recipe for your toddler to practice following directions since you put a bit of batter in the muffin tin then jam then more batter. It's also an easy-to-mix recipe for your kiddo to help with.

5. freezer bag ice cream

From Freebie Finding Mom. I know, this isn't a "baking" recipe but it is way cool and had to be included! Ice cream. In a bag. In 15 minutes!

6. Katherine Hepburn's Brownies

From My Mama Taught Me. This is a great, easy-to-follow recipe for you and your toddler to mix up, together. There's only 7 ingredients and you need just one bowl which equals an easy clean up.

7. no bake monster energy bites

From Love To Be In The Kitchen. This is a great one for toddlers, you can teach them how to roll the dough into a ball and they will love getting sticky.

8. Perfect cut out sugar cookies

From Design Eat Repeat. This is my all-time favorite sugar cookie recipe, it turns out perfect every time and they are delicious. Pick out some fun cookie cutters and let your toddler go to town cutting out shapes and if you're brave enough, let them have fun decorating the cookies too!

9. Auntie Anne's Pretzel's copycat recipe

From Cooking Classy. Auntie Anne's was actually started locally to me but I know they're a favorite all over! You don't need to twist these into the traditional pretzel shape, let your toddler experiment and have some fun with it.

10. Gooey monster cookies

From Lil' LunaOkay, how fun are these cookies?! Do I need to explain why a toddler would love making these?!

11. healthy zucchini Bread Muffins with apples & carrots

From Don't Waste the Crumbs. You can leave out the word "healthy" when telling your toddler about the recipe (ha!) but even if you do, they will have lots of fun shredded the fruits and veggies for this yummy recipe.

12. Coconut oil chocolate chip cookies

From Little City Adventures (me!). This is my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe (everyone needs a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe!), they are soft and chewy and full of flavor. They are also easy to make dairy free, all you have to do is sub the chocolate chips for a dairy free version, if you or your kiddo has a dairy allergy.

What is your favorite recipe to make with your toddler? Any baking with your toddler horror stories (like a whole bag of sugar all over the floor??)?