20 Things To Do When You're Stressed + Overwhelmed

The way my mind works is that when I become too stressed and overwhelmed I completely shut down. Things that need to be done don't get done and until I find something to distract myself or to sort of restart myself, I remain shut down. It's partly because of my personality as an INFJ and partly because of my anxiety disorder.

Since I've been dealing with my anxiety my entire life, I've been able to come up with a list of things I can do when I'm stressed or overwhelmed. Granted sometimes my anxiety wins and my tactics don't work but if I'm able to catch it early enough these activities help to relieve some stress and anxiety. Try one or a few of these activities out and hopefully the distraction or the break from the stress will calm you down a bit. 

20 things to do when you're stressed + overwhelmed 

  1. Make a to do list

  2. Walk around the bookstore 

  3. Visit your favorite coffee shop or bakery

  4. Do some retail therapy

  5. Get a pedicure and/or manicure

  6. Enjoy some sunshine

  7. Exercise

  8. Take some deep breaths

  9. Bake something chocolate-y (and eat it!)

  10. Paint or color a picture (even if you're not an artist)

  11. Talk to somebody

  12. Clean something

  13. Play a game

  14. Take a hot shower or bath

  15. Watch a movie

  16. Count to 3 (or 300!)

  17. Journal

  18. Take a nap

  19. Meet a friend for coffee

  20. Make a gratitude list

What do you do to calm yourself down when you're stressed and overwhelmed? Have you tried any of these activities to calm yourself down?