9 Kitchen Hacks & Tips to Save You Money

We’ve all been there, we make a meal plan only to change our minds about meal or not need an ingredient or two. Instead of simply wasting that leftover food, there are plenty of ways you can keep food fresh for longer. Or prevent food from going bad before you’re ready to use it by buying the perfect ingredient at the store in the first place. There are tons of hacks out there for keeping your food fresher longer and thus saving you money. Below I’ve got @@9 kitchen hacks to help you save money.@@

Kitchen Hacks & Tips to Save You Money

1. Separate Bananas

Bananas ripen faster when kept in their bunch so to give your bananas a longer shelf life, separate them and store them separately.

2. Too Much Salt? Add a Potato!

If you’ve added too much salt to a sauce or soup, there’s no need to throw it all out and waste all of that food or suffer through eating it. Simply add a peeled potato to the pot while the sauce/soup is still cooking and the potato will absorb the sauce. Simply remove the potato when done cooking.

3. Keep Lettuce Fresh

To prevent wilty, unappealing, and inedible lettuce, simple cut (if necessary) and wash your lettuce and then let it dry in strainer or colander. Once dry, place in a large Ziploc bag (do not squish the lettuce, give it room to breath) with a paper towel on top. The paper towel will absorb any extra moisture and keep your lettuce crisp. This method also works well with berries!

4. Regrow It Yourself

No need to be a master gardener with a full culinary garden, follow this guide to regrowing 10 foods with water and make veggies (especially organic ones) more affordable.

5. Freeze It

I found this handy guide, 15 Things That Frugal People Freeze, and it’s full of great tips! I do a lot of these myself. We almost always have an extra loaf of bread in the freezer, when we go to the discount grocery store, the bread my two-year-old likes is only $1 so we always stock up. I also like to make my own homemade broths in large batches and freeze it.

6. Pick the Chicken

Grab one of those rotisserie chickens at the grocery store (I think Costco has the best ones, they’re only about $5) and you’ll have chicken for multiple meals! You can first serve the chicken as the main dish then pick off the rest of the meat, shred it, and use it in other dishes. Add it to soup, season it for tacos, or mix it in a casserole. Bonus, use the bones to make chicken broth!

7. Don’t Waste Leftovers

If you know that you’re not going to eat the other half or quarter of the lasagna you made tonight for dinner, freeze it. Don’t just put in the fridge knowing that no one will eat it for at least a few days, instead freeze it and you have an instant meal! Even if it’s only a portion of a meal, you’ve saved money by not wasting it and throwing it out and you’re bound to need a meal for one or two at some point.

8. Meal Plan

I cannot say it enough, everyone should do some sort of meal planning! There is more than one way to do it, you just have to find what works for you and your family. No matter which method you go with, I guarantee that it will save you money (as long as you don’t stray from your grocery list *says the girl who always buys off her grocery list*). I have a post with SIX different meal planning methods and free printables to go along with them! It’s as legit as it sounds.

9. Shop at More Than One Place

My ideal grocery day starts off at Lancaster Central Market for fresh produce and grass-fed and local meats. And for a fun drink at a downtown cafe. Then to Target for things like milk and cereal, with my RedCard and the Cartwheel App it makes the groceries much cheaper than other stores. If there’s anything left on my list I visit Giant for those items.

What other “hacks” or tips do you have to save money in the kitchen?