10 Ways to Have a Positive and Joyful Morning

I’m one of those weird people who wakes up the second her alarm goes off and then up and going for the day. Most of that is just my personality, it’s something I’ve always been able to do, but some of it is because of the habits I’ve built up over my life.

As far back as fourth grade I was known for creating rigid morning schedules for myself, I even wrote in exactly when to put shampoo in my hair and when to put in conditioner. I know, weirdo. Even at the age of ten I understood the importance of having some quiet time in the morning, I always made it a priority to schedule at least 30 minutes of reading time in the morning. I loved those early mornings before the rest of my family woke up and especially loved the reading time I got to have every morning.

Now that I’m a mama my morning routine has changed quite a bit and since I’m currently still in the throes of postpartum fogginess, I don’t really have much of a routine. But I can’t wait to get back into the swing of a routine. Seriously. Cannot. Wait.

Once I’m able to get back into a routine again it’s going to look different than it ever did before, with a two year old and newborn it’s not going to be the same as when I was ten years old. No matter what stage of life you’re in, @@there are ways to help yourself have a more positive and joyful morning@@, even with a crazy toddler running around.

10 Ways to Have a More Positive and Joyful Morning

1. Build a Routine

As I have already said, I love schedules, I’m a schedule nerd. Motherhood has definitely helped me to be much more flexible versus rigid in my schedule tendencies. Having a routine helps to build positive habits, be more productive, and helps you to be more joyful overall.

In my course The Intentional Mama, I have an entire section dedicated to helping you build a daily schedule, including a morning routine. I include lessons on different types of schedules you can create and provide the schedule templates. Because you’re really cool and checking out this post, I’ve got a $5 off coupon for The Intentional Mama. Use the code JOYFULMORNING at checkout to get five dollars off the course.

Another quick resource with tips for creating a morning routine can be found on #dreamcreatedo.

2. Spend Time with God

@@Instead of checking Facebook or Instagram first thing in the morning, start by spending some time with God.@@ Spending five minutes simply reading the Bible will make a major difference in your morning and the rest of your day. By meditating on the Word you will be filled with encouragement and that warm fuzzy feeling you get after spending dedicated time with God. If you’re not sure where to start in your morning God time, check out these 15 Verses to Start Your Day Off Right. There are also printable verse cards included in the post so you can have them as reminders around your home.

3. Eat Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast in the morning, it really does make a major difference in your day. If you’re not hungry in the mornings (which I don’t understand but my husband is like that so I guess there’s other people like that out there too, ha) just nibble on something light. Having something in your stomach helps you have more energy and a better attitude. If you need some breakfast ideas, try out my Peanut Butter Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal, Pumpkin Breakfast Muffins, or Fluffy Scrambled Egg Sandwich.

4. Exercise

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be able to work out again, which is a weird statement from me, the girl who found every excuse in the book to get out of high school gym class. But I really am excited. I love going to the gym early in the mornings (well, you know, when it’s not just a few weeks after having a c-section) but even just a quick ten minute workout will get your body loosened up and ready for the day and get those happy vibes started in your brain. I really enjoy the quick workouts you can find on Youtube, like from Blogilates or PopSugar Fitness.

5. Get Ready for the Day

At the very least I try to shower before my two-year-old wakes up, it helps to wake me up and I’m in a much better mood when I don’t have to rush through a shower. If I get to do my hair and makeup too before William wakes up, that’s a major bonus. But even if he’s awake, I stick him in his room with a show on Netflix on the iPad and watch him play over the monitor so I can take my time getting ready for the day. Being able to take my time on my hair and makeup instantly boosts my confidence and I just love playing around with makeup.

6. Don’t Scroll Through Facebook, Twitter, Emails, etc.

As soon as you open those apps you are bombarded with things to do, sad stories, frustrating and annoying statuses, and more. @@Spend time with God before you open Instagram and you start comparing yourself to other mamas out there.@@

7. Go To Bed at a Decent Time

When you’re breastfeeding a newborn sleep isn’t really a thing but some day I’ll actually be able to go to sleep, right?! The best way to set yourself up for a positive morning is to go to sleep at a decent time.

8. Wake Up Early

If you go to bed at a decent time, you are more likely to be able to wake up a bit earlier in the morning. If you’re not used to waking up early it will be rough but keep at it and eventually it will be a habit that you enjoy. Start your day earlier and you have more time for a morning routine that starts you off on a positive note with a joyful attitude.

9. Choose a Pleasing Alarm to Wake Up To

One thing I have learned is that if I wake up to an alarm that scares me awake, I start my day off on edge and anxious. I’ve found that waking up to music is my best bet. Specifically I look for a song that starts off with a gradual instrumental section before the singing begins. I typically wake up the second the music starts but if I don’t, the music starts off calm enough that it doesn’t frighten me and I’m half awake by the time the singing starts. Currently my alarm is All or Nothing At All by Switchfoot and it’s been that song for awhile, it works well for me.

10. Do Something Productive

If you have the time in the morning, do something quick and productive. It gives you a positive outlook on your day if you can knock one quick thing off of your to do list. I suggest starting with a quick household chore like unloading the dishwasher, wiping down the bathroom after you shower, or starting a load of laundry.

If you can’t include everything you want to in your morning routine (ya know, if your kiddos are annoyingly early risers, like my two year old), the most important things to include are having a routine in the first place, spending time with God, choosing a pleasing alarm to wake up to, go to bed at a decent time and wake up early, and at least start to get ready for the day.

I’m a morning person but even if you aren’t, you can easily build a routine to help yourself have a positive and joyful morning. What does your morning routine look like? Do you struggle with waking up in the morning or are you like me and jump out of bed ready for the day? How do you work to have a positive and joyful morning?