Newborn Bath Time Essentials

This post was sponsored by Baby Magic. All opinions are my own.

Let’s talk about baby bath time. It’s adorable, right!? Once those babies become toddlers bath time is still adorable but it’s also messy and splashy too. I have to say I am excited to have a newborn to give a simple bath to, without having to cover the entire bathroom in towels because of splashing. Splash time will come though...and with two boys just two years apart, the splashing will get intense. I may just have to hose them off in the backyard instead of giving baths…

I loved bathing William when he was a newborn, there was something so relaxing and peaceful about it. And it was extra bonding time for us. Newborns don’t get especially messy, it’s not like they’re out there jumping in mud puddles or sweating up a storm on the playground, so they really don’t need a full bath for the first few months. We didn’t pull out the baby tub for William until he was closer to sitting up on his own, so maybe three or four months?

As a newborn I mostly gave William little sponge baths because the only time he got dirty was when he would spit up or my milk would squirt all over him during feedings if he unlatched. So just how did I give my newborn a sponge bath?

Bath Time Set Up

For bath time I set up one or two bath towels, each folded in half, on top of one another and laid them on the floor. Then I filled up a small container with warm water and soap, I actually used the container that I stole from the hospital that they give you in case you have to barf. It was perfect for bath time. Weird, I know. Then I used a soft baby wash cloth to clean him off with the warm, soapy water.

Bath Time Essentials

There are obviously a lot of different brands of baby products that you can use, I’m highlighting a few that we personally use(d) and prefer, it doesn’t mean that another brand isn’t any good.

Here is @@what I suggest gathering for newborn baby bath time@@:

Towels. As I mentioned, I used two to lay my son on when I gave him a little newborn sponge bath.

Wash Cloths. You want at least two washcloths for bath time that are nice and soft. I used one to wash him and one to dry him off.

Container. To hold the warm, soapy water. A simple plastic leftovers container will work fine.

Hair and Body Wash. You need something to actually wash baby with, ha. I recommend the Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash. It’s hypoallergenic, tear-free, and dye-free. And it’s affordable! Even if your baby doesn’t have allergies that you know of, you want a body wash that is good for very sensitive skin because babies have new skin that is easily irritated. If you’re on the go or just need to freshen baby up a bit, Baby Magic’s No-Rinse Wash is a great option! It is also hypoallergenic, tear-free, and dye-free and you don’t need any water to rinse it.

Lotion. After washing, follow up with a lotion made for sensitive skin. Baby’s skin will dry out easily so make sure you apply lotion after every wash. Baby Magic’s Original Baby Lotion is great because it’s hypoallergenic and affordable and the scent is that classic “baby smell.”

Baby Magic has so kindly offered to giveaway a small collection of products for you and your baby! One lucky mama will win one bottle of Baby Magic’s Hair & Body Wash (soft powder scent), one bottle of Baby Magic’s No-Rinse Wash (original baby scent), and one bottle of Baby Magic’s Baby Lotion (original baby scent).

I feel like this brand can often be overlooked but it really is fantastic! All of the hair and body washes are tear and dye-free and everything is hypoallergenic. I also find that Baby Magic products tend to be more affordable and they’re just as good as other brands out there. I’ve even found Baby Magic products at Dollar General! That original baby scent is also a classic scent, anytime I didn’t use a product with that classic scent my mom and grandma would complain, saying William didn’t smell like a baby. So even if you aren’t a fan of that baby scent, keep some on hand for visitors so that can get that baby smell they love so much.

To enter the giveaway, check out the Rafflecopter giveaway below. I will contact the winner directly and once I have your address I will pass it on to Baby Magic’s PR people who will send you the prizes directly. Good luck!