10 Yummy Sugar Substitutes

Sometimes you want to make a baked good slightly healthier or maybe you’re out of sugar or maybe you’re like me and you just like to experiment in your baking. There are a ton of sugar substitutes out there, some of them healthier than regular granulated sugar and some of them are just good alternatives. So don’t fret if you start making a recipe only to find you don’t have enough sugar in your pantry, try out one of these sugar substitutes. And don’t forget to pin the chart below so you never forget sugar substitutes!

Yummy (Granulated/White) Sugar Substitutes

1. Applesauce

Substitute 1 cup applesauce for 1 cup sugar

Applesauce is my favorite sugar substitute, it adds some extra flavor and helps to cut calories.

2. Honey

Substitute 3/4 cup honey for 1 cup sugar

Honey is also a great option because it’s lower in sugar than actual granulated sugar while still high in flavor. You need slightly less honey when substituting it for sugar because of its strong flavor. It also helps to cut calories which is never a bad thing. Because of the liquidiness of honey, you should reduce the liquids in the recipe by about a fourth and decrease the oven temperature by 15-25 degrees. Also add a pinch of baking soda to offset some of the acidity added by honey.

3. Vanilla Extract

Substitute 4 Tablespoons vanilla extract for 1 tsp sugar

I love vanilla extract, I’m always heavy handed with it when added it to recipes. But did you know you can substitute it for sugar?! I wouldn’t recommend substituting all of the sugar for vanilla, the flavor of your baked good would end up being a little bit off.

4. Agave Nectar

substitute 2/3 cup agave nectar for 1 cup sugar

Agave is similar to honey but runnier and even sweeter in taste. If using agave instead of sugar, be sure to reduce liquids by 1/4 cup per 1 cup of replaced sugar and like honey, reduce the oven temperature by about 25 degrees.

5. Stevia

substitute 2 tsp agave nectar for 1 cup sugar

Like vanilla extract, you don’t want to substitute a huge amount of sugar for stevia. Stevia is super-duper sweet so if you want to substitute a large amount of sugar, use some stevia along with applesauce or another substitute.

6. Maple Syrup

substitute 3/4 cup maple syrup for 1 cup sugar

I also enjoy using maple syrup as a sugar substitute, you really can’t beat the flavor of maple syrup. If substituting maple syrup, decrease the oven temperature by about 25 degrees, decrease liquids by 3 Tbsp per cup of substituted sugar, and add 1/4 tsp baking soda per 1 cup of maple syrup.

7. Date Sugar

substitute 2/3 cup date sugar for 1 cup sugar

Date sugar is basically pulverized dried dates, if you can’t find date sugar in the store, buy some pitted dates and blend them up in a food processor.

8. Molasses

substitute 1 1/3 cups molasses for 1 cup sugar

Molasses is not nearly as sweet as sugar, hence the need to add a bit more if using it as a substitute, and it adds a darker color to the finished baked good. But it’s also full of healthy vitamins! It is recommend that you do not replace more than half of the called for sugar with molasses, you should reduce liquids by about 5 Tablespoons, and you should add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda for each cup of molasses used, to neutralize acidity.

9. Coconut Sugar

substitute 1 cup coconut sugar for 1 cup sugar

Coconut sugar is a great healthy alternative to sugar, either granulated or brown but especially brown sugar. Using coconut sugar should not affect the final consistency of your baked goods.

10. Turbinado Sugar

substitute 1 cup turbinado sugar for 1 cup sugar

Turbinado sugar is another great sugar alternative, especially for brown sugar. It does well in recipes that call for you to cream sugar with butter. The downside to using turbinado sugar is that it does add a bit of a texture to the final consistency of your baked good.

Have you tried baking with any of these sugar substitutes? What other substitutes do you use?