5 Apps My Two-Year-Old Son Loves

I have a very hard time getting William to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time, he’s got his daddy’s ADHD for sure, but he will sit and play on the iPad for at least five minutes. We’ve tried out tons of apps, some of them education, some of them just for fun, and we’ve found a handful of apps that he really enjoys. Anything that keeps his focus is good in my book, even if it’s not considered strictly educational.

Before we get to the apps, I thought I’d explain how to lock your iPad so your toddler can’t get out of the app and into trouble, we all know if you give them the chance, they will cause trouble. To keep them from posting on your Facebook page or deleting everything on your iPad you can easily use the “guided access” setting to lock the iPad within an app.

Setting up Guided Access

1. Open Settings.

2. Click on General and then Accessibility.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Accessibility page to the Learning subtopic and click on Guided Access.

4. Turn Guided Access on and be sure to set an easy to remember password. Also make sure that Accessibility Shortcut is turned on.

5. Now when you open an app you can triple click the Home button to enable Guided Access. In order to exit the app you have to triple click the Home button once again and hit end to turn it off. The directions are the same on the iPhone as well. Now once you set your toddler up in an app, they can’t escape and cause problems.

William’s Favorite Apps

Peekaboo Barn, $1.99

William has enjoyed this app for quite awhile now. The app is what it sounds like, your kiddo taps on the barn door and an animal pops out and makes its sound and then a cute little kid voice says the name of the animal. William learned how to say multiple animal names thanks to this app. There are also a number of Peekaboo apps but this is by far the best one.

Animal Friends, free with in-app purchases

William calls this the “moooo” game because the icon is a picture of a cow. The free version comes with the barnyard animal pack and for a fee you can unlock the savannah pack, forest pack, and ocean pack. Each pack includes three games, peekaboo, find it!, and counting, all with the animals from that area. Right now we only play peekaboo but I think soon he’ll be ready for find it!

Make it Pop, $1.99

This is such a fun app! There are multiple games on it that involving blowing up or popping something. The best one for toddlers is the balloon alphabet popping (when you open the app, hit the icon with the red balloon to get to it). Balloons float up a cityscape scene and on each balloon is a letter of the alphabet. The goal is to tap each balloon to pop it and then a computer voice says the letter. William has actually started repeating some of the letters after they’re said. I thank this app and SuperWhy! for his alphabet saying skills.

Awesome Xylophone Lite, free

William loves making music on this Xylophone app. There is a paid version that is ad free but they haven’t been an issue for us.

Tony the Truck, free

This might be William’s total favorite right now. Open up the app and you see a bulldozer/digger thing/construction vehicle (I don’t know what is what, ha) and a dump truck. Tap the digger vehicle to scoop up dirt and fill the dump truck then tap the truck to make it drive to where it dumps the dirt. Tap it again to dump the dirt and again for it to close the back and again to go back to the digging area. I find it boring, there’s lots of waiting in-between actions but William seems to really enjoy it, he’s really into trucks right now.

Are there any other apps we should try out?