7 Things To Do During Middle of the Night Feedings

One of the hardest parts of the newborn stage are those middle of the night feedings. Especially when the feedings are still every two hours. I can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep while nursing my oldest and yes, one time I did drop him. Luckily our bed is not very high off the ground so he was fine. And not only would I get bored in the middle of the night, I hate not feeling productive. Granted sometimes it’s good to just take a break and do nothing but my anxiety more often than not makes my thoughts race during quiet periods like that. So I’ve come up with a nice @@list of things to do during those middle of the night feedings (other than scrolling Facebook@@ because eventually that just puts me to sleep too, ha).

Things to Do During Middle of the Night Feedings

1. Devotions

Grab your YouVersion or She Reads Truth apps and choose an intriguing devotional to read on your phone or tablet. I’m currently finishing up the Daniel study on She Reads Truth (yes, because our youngest and newest addition is named after Daniel in the Bible) and it’s quite good!

2. Read a Book

This is a go-to for me anytime I have trouble sleeping in the middle of the night. I downloaded the free Kindle app on my phone and Amazon has a ton of free ebooks that while they may not be the most well written books, they are entertaining enough to keep me awake and they are typically fun, quick reads.

3. Netflix, Hulu, TV, movies

Find a new TV show to binge watch or a movie series to dive into. As far as shows on Netflix, I binge watch on there regularly so I have a few recommendations for you. Most of my recommendations are not what “normal” 22-year-olds watch but then again there aren’t that many 22-year-olds who are married with two kids, ha! Some of the shows on my list are mystery/crime shows and I remember having to be careful about watching them because my postpartum hormones already had me all over the place so watching them was not a good choice. So watch with caution and if crime shows are normally your favorite but they upset you now, don’t worry, it’s just hormones. My recommendations:

    - Blue Bloods

    - White Collar

    - The Finder

    - The Mysteries of Laura

    - Flip or Flop

    - Lie to Me

    - Parks and Recreation

    - The Good Guys

    - Last Man Standing

    - The Office

    - Psych

    - Murder, She Wrote

    - Hawaii Five-O

    - Fixer Upper

    - Property Brothers

    - Bones

4. Connect with Friends in Different Time Zones

Because of blogging I have a lot of friends all over the country. So watch out friends, especially those of you in California, I’ll actually still be awake when you text me during what is the afternoon for you and evening for me in Pennsylvania. You all may be getting some interesting, sleep-deprived texts from me. I’m warning you, Danica and Jess.

5. Walk Around

Once you’ve got a handle on the whole breastfeeding thing you’ll be able to walk and nurse at the same time. If your baby likes to be worn, that will make it even easier for you. Log some steps in your fitness tracker to help you stay awake.

6. Eat

If you’re breastfeeding you will be hungry all of the time, especially during the first few weeks while your milk supply is sort of leveling out and regulating itself. I know I can’t sleep if I’m eating. Keep a few snacks handy in your nightstand, things like chocolate chips, cookies, pretzels, mixed nuts are all good options.

7. Play Games

Download and try out some different game apps on your phone or tablet. Games that are timed are even more likely to help you stay awake. I like the Diner Dash games for that or you can play less stressful games like Sims Freeplay or Covet Fashion.

Are there any other things you like to do during middle of the night feedings??