My Pre-Baby Freezer Stocking List

Prior to having my first son I did not stock my freezer or pantry in preparation for those postpartum weeks. Big mistake. We didn’t end up getting very many meals brought to us and there were days in between receiving meals and I was hungry for familiar foods but did not have the energy to make them. To be fair, I was not expecting to have a c-section to deliver my first son so I thought my recovery would be much different than it was, I ended up having a fairly rough recovery and it took quite a long time for me to be able to stand up long enough to cook meals again. Knowing that I am having a c-section this time, has provided so much peace of mind, especially because I know what to expect and can prep for the recovery period. Although most of my friends who have had scheduled c-sections the second time said that recovery is significantly easier.

One of my major to-do list items is to stock my freezer. I’ll also make sure that a day or two before my surgery we’ll go to the grocery store and stock up on perishable items like milk and produce and pantry essentials. But I want to make sure my freezer is nicely stocked with at least a few meals and yummy baked goods. It’ll be quite a transition for me going from one to two kids so while we adjust it will be nice to have a few meals on hand. And I’m totally making cookies and some sweets to have on hand when I’m starving during those middle of the night feedings. I’m also making sure that I have a few items that are dairy and/or soy-free because my eldest was pretty severely allergic to both for his first year, though now one of the only things he eats is yogurt.

For any other mamas-to-be out there, I thought it would be helpful to you if I shared exactly what is on my freezer stocking list. I do have a few items already in my freezer, they are just leftovers from meals that I didn’t want to waste.

My Freezer Stocking List