Fitting Your Day In Around God Time

I've been working on some posts and newsletters and social media posts related to fitting God time into your day when all of the sudden it hit me: if God is our first priority then shouldn't we be scheduling the rest of our day around spending time with Him? 

I'm guilty of just doing a quick devotional as I'm falling asleep at night and while that's not "bad," it's also not the best way to approach spending time with God. I'm usually doing "quickie" devotions like that at night because I haven't spent any quiet time with God at all during the day and I'm guiltily trying to fit it in. 

Instead, @@what I (and everyone really) should be doing is picking a regular chunk of time to spend with God@@, time that is uninterrupted (aka no kids around) and totally focused on God. 


Adjusting your schedule is easier said than done. I propose that you start fresh. Grab a piece of paper, write the times down the side and first choose when you'll spend quiet time with God. Then match up your day around it. Granted things like your work schedule may not be all that flexible but can you wake up twenty minutes earlier to have an intentional morning with God? Can you spend half of your lunch break in a quiet space? Instead of immediately doing housework when the kids go down for naps, can you spend the first half with God? I know it's hard to sacrifice your normally productive (or sleeping) times but your entire day will be better for it. 


You can simply open up your Bible and read whatever passage or chapter you land on or you can follow a book or do a topical study or study an entire book of the Bible. There are so many great options out there. If you're looking for something to study that really helps you dig deep into the lessons we can learn from the people of the Bible but also helps you learn more about the history and background of each story, I have a fun little Bible study for you!

Yep, it's sales pitch time. Although there isn't anything to I guess it's just a fun sharing time?

7 Days/7 Women of Faith

I've been throwing around a couple of ideas for free email course Bible studies in my Facebook group and this was the most popular topic. 7 Days/7 Women of Faith is a (yup, you guessed it) seven day Bible study on seven inspiring women from the Bible. I learned so much putting it together for you and I just know that you will love it! And best of all, it's totally free! An awesome Bible study in your inbox each day for an entire week! The study begins on Monday, July 25th and runs through the 31st. Who will we be studying? We will be looking at the lives of:

  • Abigail

  • Anna

  • Deborah

  • Joanna

  • Jochebed

  • Lydia

  • and Priscilla

I'll be honest, there were some whose names I didn't know but I ended up knowing at least part of their story and then there were some whose names I knew but I didn't know their stories (like my namesake, Abigail.....). And I actually knew nothing about Priscilla, she's only mentioned a few times and very briefly but I ended up learning a lot from her. I'm sharing a unique perspective of each of these women's stories and it's relevant to all women, whether you are a mom, grandmother, wife, or single lady (now do you have Beyonce stuck in your head, too? hehe). To sign up for the Bible study click the image above or the button below! Once your email is confirmed you'll get one explaining what to expect in the study and what you'll need for the study (like a journal).