The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

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I'll be the first one to admit that I am not the best at cleaning and keeping an organized home, it's something I've been striving to be better at over this past year. The one thing that has helped me has been my weekly tasks list. I've assigned weekly tasks to particular days and then I mark them off when I complete them. Since I'm pregnant at the moment, things don't always get done when they're supposed to but having assigned days and expectations means that my husband can just check the list and finish up whatever I didn't get done during the day. I have to say, even though our house isn't spotless (I mean, we have a rambunctious two-year-old) it has definitely been cleaner than ever before. 

Because I am super forgetful (it's not just a pregnancy thing, ha) I keep forgetting about those monthly and yearly tasks. So I put together an in-depth cleaning checklist for my family and since I found a need for it, I thought you may as well! At the end of the post you can grab your checklist and get it either as a PDF and print it off as is or grab the editable version to adjust to your needs.

Daily Tasks

The daily tasks are nice because they all only take a few minutes to complete, making it easy to do quick before bed or during the kids' naptime. A lot of these items (other than making the beds) we do wait until after our son has gone to bed. It's pretty pointless to try and clean the floors with a crazy toddler running around. If you currently have too much laundry to do just one load, take a day to focus completely on laundry. Once you catch up you'll be able to do one load a day and stay caught up. Same goes for dishes. 

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Weekly Tasks

I've assigned specific days for each of the weekly tasks. You may need to adjust them to fit your schedule. For example, if your trash gets picked up on Monday, you may want to empty all of the trash cans in your home on Sunday afternoon. Or if you grocery shop on Thursdays then you'll want to do all of the grocery shopping prep on Wednesday instead. I wanted to give you a note on cleaning the garbage disposal. In parenthesis, I wrote "ice and citrus rinds." What I mean is that you should put some ice and then some lemon or orange rinds down the garbage disposal. The ice will help to sharpen the blades and the citrus will freshen it up. You can actually use every part of the citrus, not just the rind, and it'll sanitize your disposal a bit as well.

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Monthly Tasks

These are slightly bigger projects but I found that doing them once a month helps keep your house looking clean even if you're slacking on the daily/weekly tasks. But it's also not the end of the world if you decide to skip one or two of the tasks for a month or two. For tutorials on how to do some of these tasks, check out the pins on my "homemaking" board on Pinterest (there's also tips on homemaking in general, budgeting, organization, and more).

Yearly Tasks

These are those tasks that we tend to forget about...until your kid slides their favorite book under the oven or the smoke detectors start doing that random high pitched beeping in the middle of the night to tell you the batteries are dying. I honestly had no idea that you should change the water filter yearly on your fridge. We've had our fridge for a year and a half and never even considered changing the filter on the water and ice dispenser. Totally has me grossed out and we need to change it ASAP. Something else I haven't gotten around to do since we moved into our house is cleaning the air vents, but I'd like to get it done before the baby comes. The floor A/C and heating vents and the air intake vents on the walls can get quite dusty and if your toddler is anything like mine, he probably likes to stick food into vents. I won't even tell you how long we had a goldfish cracker living in between the bars of a vent (it was like a year). You can easily use a screwdriver to remove the vents, dust around the inside edges and then clean the vent covers in the sink, air dry, and put them back on the wall or floor. 

Are there any cleaning and organizing tasks that you plan on adding to your list? Share a photo of your clean home, inspired by this list, or a photo of your list, on Instagram using #littlecityadventures or by tagging me (@abbybarstow). Now grab your checklist (as a PDF or Pages doc) below!