The Intentional Mama | Now Open for Enrollment

After weeks and weeks of writing, editing, filming, researching, studying, reading, and rewriting, The Intentional Mama course is now open for enrollment! I can't even begin to explain how thrilled I am to open this up for public enrollment, I just know it is going to change lives because it has already changed mine!

In putting this course together I got the chance to research and study so many amazing women from the Bible as well as really dig deep into what God's word says about wives, mothers, and homemakers and living intentionally. Going through all of this has been such a great refresher for myself but I've also learned so much and I cannot wait to pass it along to you! So what is The Intentional mama?

The Intentional Mama

The Intentional Mama is a 30-day course in setting faith-based intentions and living with purpose, for the homemaking mama. Not only do I help you understand what it means to live a faith-based intentional life, but we'll dig deep into what the Bible expects of a wife, mom, and homemaker and discuss what it means to parent intentionally. I've put together Bible studies, workbooks, and more for you to work through so you can begin living your life to the fullest!

How does living with purpose help a mama thrive in her roles?

Living with intention and purpose will help you accomplish all of the amazing things that God has planned for you! You can accomplish God's plans for you by:

  • understanding what God's expectations are for you as a wife, mom, and homemaker
  • learning how to set faith-based intentions to live by
  • creating a purposeful daily routine
  • planning with purpose
  • and learning how to parent intentionally

Course Curriculum 

Interested in the course? Here's everything we will cover:


  • 30-day course schedule
  • Definition of Intentional Living [includes a video]
  • What the Bible Says [includes a video]
  • Understanding our Role as a Wife [includes a workbook]
  • Understanding our Role as a Mother [includes a workbook]
  • Understanding our Role as a Homemaker [includes a workbook]
  • How to Live Intentionally [includes a video]

Intentional Parenting

  • What Does it Mean to Parent Intentionally? [includes a video]
  • Using the Bible as Your Guide [includes a video and workbook]
  • Teaching Your Children About Christ [includes a video]
  • Educating with Intention [includes a video]

Setting Intentions

  • Introductions to Setting Intentions [includes a video]
  • Evaluate Your Life [includes a video and workbook]
  • Priorities and Values [includes a video and workbook]
  • Values to Intentions [includes a video and workbook]
  • Creating Actionable Steps [includes a video and workbook]

A Purposeful Daily Routine

  • Schedule Your Actionable Steps [includes a video and workbook]
  • Creating Your Daily Routine [includes a video and workbook]

Planning, Productivity, and Motivation

  • Planning with Purpose [includes a video and printables]
  • Keeping God the Focus of Your Day  [includes a video]
  • Importance of Self-Care for Moms [includes a video and printables]
  • When it's Hard to Stay Motivated [includes a video]

The Details

If you're ready to live a life with intention, here's what you need to know about the course. You can enroll today and the course content will go live on Monday, June 13th and from there you can follow the 30-day course schedule to complete the course in thirty days. But if you want to take more than 30 days you totally can, take your family vacation without worrying about the course, because you will have lifetime access to the course! Which means that in 6 months, a year, two years, or even longer you can go back and refresh yourself on the information. It also means that anytime I add new information or update workbooks, I'll let you know and you can check it out for no additional cost. That's a pretty good deal if I do say so myself! 

*UPDATED 6/12/16* Originally I had the course priced fairly high but God has placed it on my heart to make the course more available to my readers. The course is now priced at $57 and if that is still too much for you to drop all at once (trust me, I understand!), a payment-plan is available for two monthly payments of $29. 

What People Are Saying

On Monday I hosted a webinar called Crash Course in Intentional Living to promote The Intentional Mama. Here's what some of the viewers said...

"@abbybarstow you have inspired me to live my life with intention. I used my "me time" today to doodle in my new gratitude journal. Thank you for your inspiration, and drive to serve others. You are a role model to stay at home mommies like myself. I hope to learn all about intentional living and serving the Lord with my heart, mind, and soul. I know I will become a better mama and homemaker with your help." - Sabrina, Lancaster, PA
"...great job on the webinar. You hit it home with your points! It's one thing to have intentions, but another to live them out (which is something I need to be more intentional with!)." - Shawna, Lancaster, PA

Are you ready...

  • to study what the Bible says about being a wife, mom, and homemaker?
  • to set intentions to live by?
  • create a purposeful routine?
  • to parent intentionally to give your children the best life possible? 
  • to live the life God has planned for you?
Abby Barstow