5 More Things Nobody Told Me About Being Pregnant

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When I was pregnant with William I wrote a slightly sassy little post called "Things Nobody Told Me About Being Pregnant." It's still one of my personal favorites because I got to really show my personality but it was also a helpful post. Double whammy = double win. 

Every pregnancy is different but there are just some things that people either A) don't want to scare you with or B) they forget about them because of that mama fog that is oh so real. I had a couple little surprises during both of my pregnancies, I've already shared a few from my pregnancy with William and I have five more for you that I either learned postpartum after having William or I've dealt with them during my current pregnancy with Daniel (if you haven't seen my social media posts, I got my c-section date for August 12th!). Note that I feel extremely blessed to have this second little guy joining our family so any sarcastic remarks you read are not because I am unthankful. It's mostly because they are annoying and/or surprises. And I want to give other women a heads up as to things to look for and be prepared for. Without further ado, let's get started...

5 (more) Things Nobody Told Me About Being Pregnant

1. Hemorrhoids are not just for old people. 

Soon after having William I discovered that I had internal hemorrhoids. Most people have heard of hemorrhoids that you can put that lovely cream on, well I didn't get those. Nope. Of course not. My hemorrhoids are inside my butt. And they are painful. For awhile suppositories helped soothe them enough so they could heal and stop bleeding every time I pooped (#realtalk) but almost as soon as I got pregnant again, they reappeared. Not only did they flare back up, they came back worse. There were times when it looked like there was a massacre in the toilet because of how much they bled when I pooped. My insurance didn't cover suppositories this time around and cream obviously does nothing. My family doctor even sent me to see a colorectal surgeon to see if he had anymore treatment ideas (let me tell you how awkward that appointment was....he walked in and said he and then immediately looked at my hemorrhoids.....) and all he said was to try fiber supplements and that they will probably go away as soon as Daniel is born. Yeah the supplements did absolutely nothing. So now I just get to deal with pain and occasional bleeding every time I poop and it hurts not only to sit but to walk as well. Picture something that sandpaper has rubbed raw and then has been lit on fire. I try to warn all pregnant women of the possibility of hemorrhoids because of you're not prepared the sight of blood in your poop may make you think you're dying...

2. Baby sucks calcium from your teeth.

I had no clue this was a thing until I went to the dentist for a toothache a few months after having William. I had never had a single cavity in my life and the only teeth issues I've ever had were very crooked teeth and impacted wisdom teeth. I got to the dentist only to find that I had not one, not two, but three cavities. Apparently if the baby isn't getting enough calcium, it has the magical power to suck calcium from your teeth. So that's fun. I suggest taking a calcium supplement if your OB has any concern about the amounts of calcium you're getting in your diet, I suggest the [affiliate link] Viactiv Calcium Plus Milk Chocolate Soft Chews.

2. Your eyes will most likely change after giving birth.

I have no idea why this happens but your eyes can change after having your baby. I don't know if this applies to women who don't already wear glasses or contacts but if you have any concerns about your vision, be sure to see an eye doctor after that 6 week postpartum mark. After having William my eyes actually got slightly better and I have terrible vision and astigmatism so it was nice for it to improve rather than get worse for once. If you where contacts I suggest ordering a supply large enough to get your through your pregnancy before your prescription expires because your eye doctor will most likely not want to change your prescription while you're pregnant since it will most likely change postpartum. And if you can get away with one less doctor's appointment during your pregnancy, do it. 

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3. You start lactating before having the baby.

Ha, I remember my third trimester with William when I freaked out thinking something was wrong with me because whenever any sort of pressure was put on my boobs this weird, clear, sticky stuff would come out of my nipples. I remember asked my midwife if it was normal for this to happen "so early" (this was probably around 30 weeks) and she was like um, yeah. I've already had a few signs of it starting in this pregnancy but this time I know what is happening. You can stop it from leaking through your clothes by wearing breast pads in your bra. You can probably get away with washable ones ([affiliate link] like these NUK reusable pads) since you won't be leaking very much but I always preferred disposable ones, especially while nursing because I practically never stopped squirting out milk and would have to change pads multiple times a day so the disposable ones were so much easier and more sanitary to use. I tried a few different brands but my favorite are [affiliate link] the Up & UP Breast Pads (plus they are way cheaper than the name brands and if you go through as many as I did, the price really matters).

4. If you sneeze, be prepared for pee in your pants.

It makes sense that sneezes can cause you to pee when you're pregnant, you've already got so much stuff pushing downwards that it totally makes sense that the pressure of a sneeze would make you pee. When I was pregnant with William I only peed myself because of a sneeze like once and it was during my third trimester. In this pregnancy, since I've already had one kid, I've peed myself a bit multiple times. Even as early as like 6 weeks. It's just one of the many reasons why you should wear panty liners during your pregnancy, just trust me. I suggest these [affiliate link] liners by U by Kotex.

5. Nausea, food aversions, cravings, etc. do not necessarily end after the first trimester.

Everyone always says, "Once you enter your second trimester you will suddenly feel so much better!" Um, false. I wasn't nearly as sick during my pregnancy with William as I am this time and it has continued into the third trimester. I was so hopeful that when I reached my second trimester that at least the nausea would ease up but no. It actually got worse during the first week of my second trimester. Ha. I will say that it got better but I would occasionally get like an entire week where I had to rely on Zophran (nausea medication) to function. Then I hoped that my third trimester would be better, but nope. The first week into it I had to get a refill of Zophran. And I still can't event stand near my spice cabinet and all proteins give me the most terrible, painful, awful indigestion for at least 24 hours straight. It's getting to the point where I'm nervous that it won't go away after Daniel is born (but it will! As soon as William was born I could eat everything that had made me nauseas during my pregnancy). 

Check out my first post with six other things nobody told me about being pregnant. Is there anything else you would add to the list? What's the weirdest thing that you dealt with during your pregnancy? Comment below and let me know!