What I've Learned After One Month of Tot School

We're a little over a month into tot school and overall it's going really well! You can check out some of the activities we've done in my April Highlights post, we've tried a lot of different activities and some have gone really well while some haven't gone so well. I've learned a lot about planning tot school, what activities do and don't work for William, what my attitude towards it needs to be, and more. 

1. Timing is Everything

I've found that trying to do tot school in the mornings doesn't typically work for William. He just has a hard time focusing on one thing in the mornings so I find that it's best to just let him do his thing in the morning, we usually watching some Disney Jr. or PBS Kids, and I get computer work done. After his nap, he's usually able to focus a bit better so we can do some school activities throughout the afternoon. We also have a rule of no TV (or sweets) after dinner so we usually end up doing some coloring or art activity before William goes to bed.

2. Patience is Key

Having patience with William is already quite a struggle for me. He just bounces from one thing to another and climbs all over me. Even though having the tot school activities planned is helpful for me, I still need to be patient when he's doing the activities. Sometimes he will work on an activity for two minutes and then throw everything and demand to just run around. So I have to put a pause on school until he is ready to come back and focus on things again. 

3. Messes Don't Go Well

I'm not the one with the issue with messes. William is. I know, weird. He loves making messes, he's quite the pro, but if the mess sticks to his hands, it stresses him out like crazy. So often activities like finger painting don't go well. Knowing that helps me better plan his tot school activities.

4. It's Okay if Sometimes School Doesn't Happen

This has been hard for me, I usually kick myself if we don't do more than one school activity but I need to show myself some grace. Not only am I trying my best to teach a crazy monkey toddler, I am growing another little boy. If I don't feel well, it may end up being a tv day and that's okay!

I've loved seeing William grow as we work on school activities, he's saying more words and even though he's already so independent, he's doing even more for himself. He's becoming such a little man. I'm excited to see how the rest of our May schooling goes!