Potted Herb Garden Workshop Recap

This past Saturday, I hosted my latest workshop, a Potted Herb Garden Workshop at Manheim Township Community Park. Everything went so well and we all had such a lovely morning. Eleven lovely ladies came to make potted herb gardens and Natalie Gettis of Oakmoss Collective instructed the workshop.  And the weather could not be more perfect! After all the rain we've been having lately, it was wonderful to have a bright, sunny day to enjoy a morning of prettiness. 

If you don't know Natalie, you should seriously check out her sites (her blog, Oakmoss, Instagram), she is so sweet and so creative. She occasionally hosts workshops with Oakmoss so be on the look out for the next one. Natalie did a great job teaching everyone just the right way to pot their herbs and how to care for them. She even went over a few ways to use the various herbs. Natalie went above and beyond my expectations and helped everyone to have a lovely morning.

We decorated simple but adorable plant markers. You can easily make them at home:

  1. Paint either side of a popsicle stick with any color paint. You don't need to paint the entire popsicle stick since the bottom few inches will be stuck in the dirt.
  2. Once dry, use a paint marker or Sharpie to label the painted popsicle stick with your plant. Or if you'd prefer, you can use letter stickers to label your plants.

And here is everyone with their gardens! This may be the last workshop I do this year, we will see for sure, but with Baby Daniel coming in August I'll be busy getting ready for his arrival. But just in case, be sure to join my email list to stay up to date with any other events and fun stuff! And visit Little City Adventures' Facebook page to view all of the photos from the event and on all social media, you can use #littlecityworkshop to check out more photos.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the event just perfect!