April Tot School Highlights

We finished our first month of tot school! It was a lot of fun and I don't know what I did before having these intentional activities planned. William is ball of energy, to say the least, so having education activities planned and prepped has been a lifesaver, especially now that I'm 24 weeks along with Baby Daniel and I've hit the grumpy stage of pregnancy (a few weeks earlier than with William). 

You can learn more about how and why to start tot school here and download free tot school planning sheets! We covered a lot of different themes this month but here are some of the highlights from this past month of tot school (for your reference, William is 21-ish months).

This was one of the first activities we did and he did an even better job than I imagined! I had to show him how to do it but he eventually caught on and pushed the flowers into the floral foam on his own. It was one of his favorite activities for a few weeks.

I think I enjoyed this more than he did. I hung his little bird house in a tree off of our deck and it just looks so adorable. But William has this thing where he likes making a mess but hates if the mess sticks to him, it stresses him out. So painting isn't a favorite activity of his. 

Our first sensory bin was a hit! I made him a garden bin with dried beans, the heads of fake flowers, some rocks, little gardening tools that I found in the Target $1/$3 section, and plastic cups for scooping. The one day William played for so long and so intently that I was able to load the dishwasher without him trying to climb into the dishwasher.

I set up a scooping and transferring activity as part of our Yellowstone National Park theme. He had a hard time using the ice cream scoop, I think next time we'll use a measuring spoon scoop, but had fun using his hands to transfer the rocks in between bowls.

This was another one of William's favorites and it's a great activity because you can make it tie into pretty much any theme. He loved transferring the pipe cleaners from one cup to the other.

Because William enjoyed his gardening bin so much, I used basically the same items plus a few more to create a bin for both our Forest Animals and Yellowstone National Park themes. We added decorative moss, little toy trees, foam flowers, animals, and butterflies, and plastic forest animals. And a buffalo for the Yellowstone theme.

During the Forest Animals theme, he enjoyed pressing the plastic animals into play dough to make foot prints.

Tip: for print out coloring pages, use washi tape to secure them to the table. William hasn't quite figured out how to hold the paper still while he colors so this is the perfect solution.

We did a Fruits theme and one of our activities was making banana bread muffins. William absolutely loves watching the mixer mix, he laughs every time I turn it on. I got him to help me poor ingredients into the mixing bowl after I measured them and he did such a great job, he didn't spill one thing! He also helped me mash the bananas up and then he threw them into the mixing bowl all on his own, without me prompting him. I'm a baker so having little man be able to help me bake is such a joy!

I'm really excited to continue our tot schooling this month. My goal this month is to be more intentional in teaching him the Bible verses. He doesn't say sentences yet but being more intentional about reading him the verse and explaining what it means will help those values sink in. What's your toddler's favorite tot school activity? Have you tried any of these? Comment below and let me know!

Abby Barstow