Recipe for {Dairy + Soy Free} Pumpkin Pie

Since I have to eat dairy- and soy-free until at least August, I’m learning how to adapt my favorite recipes to be allergy-friendly. I’ve already shared recipes for Dairy-Free Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and a version of mac ‘n cheese that is vegan and made with pumpkin! Can you tell that I like pumpkin? Ha!

Thanksgiving is almost upon us so I thought it appropriate to share a recipe fit for your Thanksgiving meal that is dairy (and soy) free. I know there are a lot of other breastfeeding mamas out there who also have to avoid dairy and soy products, so this @@delicious Pumpkin Pie recipe@@ is dedicated to you lovely, hardworking ladies!

In lieu of evaporated milk I used a can of coconut milk to help give the pie that rich, creamy texture that regular pumpkin has and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! I happened to have a can of lite coconut milk in my pantry so I used that, but full-fat would be even better! I recommend adding the eggs last so that you can taste the filling as you mix and then you can adjust the sugars and seasonings to your liking without having to worry about eating raw eggs. When you pull the pie out of the oven, it may still be slightly jiggly in the middle, that will set as the pie cools. Just make sure that your pie has those sort of wrinkly rings in it like mine. 

And that crust. I’ll admit it, I ate a couple pieces of it raw because it smells and tastes so good! Working with coconut oil is a bit tricky because it will solidify in the dough when you chill it and though you can roll it out, I recommend letting it sit at room temperature for 20 minutes before rolling it out, just to make it a bit easier to work with. But I still recommend chilling it so that it really gets to rest and doesn’t become too tough.

My last note for you before we jump into the recipe is that both the recipe for the crust and the filling will make slightly more than you need, but not enough to make a whole second pie. So you can just throw it out, freeze the leftover crust to use as a topping on a future pie, or you can press the crust into a little tart pan or even a ramekin and pour the filling in it to make a little mini pie.

I just know that you will enjoy this recipe, so be sure to snap a photo of it and tag it with #littlecitykitchen so I can see how yours turned out!

{dairy + Soy Free} Pumpkin Pie