Tips for Creating the Perfect Christmas Cards

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Merry Christmas! Wait, what? I know it’s only the first week of November and we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, but nonetheless @@it is time to start thinking about Christmas@@. Especially if you are sending Christmas cards. In order to get your cards ordered, delivered, and then mailed out to your friends and family before Christmas, @@you have to start working on your Christmas cards.@@ But don’t worry, even if you’re ordering Christmas cards already, you don’t have to start putting up your Christmas decorations yet. Finish enjoying the Fall through Thanksgiving and then put out your Christmas decorations. But you gotta order your cards before then! And I’ve partnered up with Minted to bring you @@5 tips to create the perfect Christmas cards.@@

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect
Christmas Cards

1. Highlight the biggest event from the year

The biggest even of our year was the birth of our second little one, Daniel, so we used one of the super cool backing options on Minted (see photo to the right) to really highlight Daniel’s birth for the friends and family who haven’t met him. I love how it turned, it’s so sweet! Birth announcement and Christmas card in one...winning!

If your family went on an awesome vacation over the summer, feature a photo from your trip. Or if someone got married, share a wedding photo. You get the idea. Your friends and family want to know what you’ve been up to (let’s be real, it’s because we’re nosy) so be sure to highlight it for them.

2. Pick bright, in-focus, sharp photos

Aesthetically it just looks bad if your photos are grainy or out-of-focus. It’s much easier to get decent photos than it used to be since our phones have really great cameras. If you edit the photos yourself, I recommend upping the saturation, brightness, contrast, and clarity a bit to make the photo really pop once it prints.

3. Include the year

Some people like to keep Christmas cards in a scrapbook or create a little memory book out of them and it’s nice if the cards have the year on them somewhere. On our cards the year is on the back with Daniel’s birth date.

4. Get quality cards

I’ve ordered Christmas cards from many different sources and I have to say that without a doubt, Minted has the best quality cards (and the best designs too!). They have so many paper and design options that help you to create beautiful cards. Our wedding invitations were also from Minted because they’re just awesome.

5. Choose photos and a card that fits your family’s personality

We aren’t very fancy, we’re loud and crazy most of the time, so it represents us so much better to have colorful, fun cards. If you have all little girls who love dressing up, a gold-foiled, fancy script card (like this one) may fit your family better. And make sure the vibe of the card fits the vibe of the photo. If your photo is super casual and silly (which is awesome!) then you may want a more modern, casual card (like this one) versus a really elegant card (like this one).

Which Christmas card design is your favorite from Minted? What do your cards look like this year?? Tag me (@abbybarstow) or use #littlecitychristmas so I can see how yours turned out!