DIY | Stamped Napkins

We pretty much always use paper napkins in our house, we aren't really fancy people. But sometimes it's fun to be a little fancy. The easiest way to get fancy at the dinner table is to use cloth napkins. I thought it would fun to make a cute pattern to make those fancy cloth napkins a little bit more fun. So that's what I did!


  • fabric paint or fabric markers
  • small stamps
  • sponge paint brush
  • fabric napkins or plain cotton bandanas 

Notes about the supplies: It doesn't matter what type of fabric paint you get (puffy or non-puffy paint), you'll be using such a thin amount of paint that it won't puff up or anything. Also I accidentally bought glow in the dark fabric paint. I didn't mean to make glow in the dark napkins. I would not suggest using glow in the dark paint because the constancy is a bit too watery and doesn't stamp well. And for the napkins you can use regular plain fabric napkins or plain cotton bandanas. Either one works and has the same effect.

Step One

Lay a napkin on a flat surface. If you are using fabric paint, pour some onto a plate and use the sponge brush to brush the paint onto your stamp. You don’t want it to be layered on the stamp too thickly. See the photo above.

Step Two

Firmly press the painted stamp onto the napkin. You will probably need to reapply paint each time. Repeat until you are happy with the pattern. If you are using a fabric ink pen, use the pen and color directly onto the stamp until it is covered in fabric ink. Follow the same steps for stamping as with the fabric paint.

Step Three

Let the paint or ink dry completely. Use the directions on your bottle of paint to set the paint and for washing.

If you make some cute stamped napkins, tag it with #littlecitycrafts so I can see it!