Recipe for Toddler Approved Snack Mix

If you can't tell by those cute little toddler fingers, this snack mix is 100% toddler approved. Though I will admit that half the time, he just picks the chocolate and marshmallows out to eat, ha! That's a two-year-old for ya.

This is a great snack mix for you to put into small baggies or containers for your kiddo to grab whenever they're hungry. Actually, William woke up insanely early so my husband took him down to the living room so he could play and my husband could rest on the sofa. My husband fell asleep for like two minutes and woke up to find William sitting beside him, munching away on the giant bag of this snack mix. Someone forgot to lock the pantry and somehow William opened the bag by himself. Again, that's a two-year-old for ya. Ha!

The snack mix is easy to customize with your toddler's favorite snack foods (like popcorn, mini pretzels, that Pirate's Booty stuff, or goldfish crackers). And it lasts a super long time, as long as the bag or container it is stored in is sealed. 

If you and your little one make this mix, snap a photo and tag it with #littlecitykitchen so I can see it!

Toddler Approved Snack Mix

Abby Barstow