Recipe for Vegan Pumpkin + Peas Macaroni

I've talked about it before, but currently because I am breastfeeding and my son has a bad allergy to both dairy and soy, I have to get creative with my meals. And I love cheese (even though I'm slightly sensitive to it) so I really miss mac 'n cheese. Luckily, over the fall you can easily use a squash puree to make a nice creamy sauce that's almost as good as a cheese-based sauce. 

Enter this easy to make and vegan, Pumpkin + Peas Macaroni.

Also note those little toddler fingers in the picture above. Anytime I try to take a styled photo while he's running around he gets involved, without my consent. Ha. So that's why there is pasta all over the place in the photo. 

This mac 'n cheese alternative is full of flavor and nice and creamy (and secretly pretty healthy!). If you are not on a vegan or dairy/soy-free diet, I have included some non-vegan options in the recipe notes, so do what works for you. Since my husband and toddler can have cheese, when serving it up for them I simply melted some cheese into their servings, that way the rest of the dish remained dairy-free, making it the perfect dish for a household like mine where only some people (or one person) has a dairy/soy allergy. And if you're cool with eating meat (funny story: first I typed "meating" instad of making two separate words) you can follow those notes in the recipe without adding in the cheese options.