5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Day Easier

You already know that I am all about intentional living and part of living intentionally is being productive. I'm happiest when I'm productive so if I don't prepare for the day the night before, I am just a hot mess with no direction to my day. @@Being unprepared for the day is not living with intention.@@ There are a few things that I like to get done in the evenings to get myself in the right mindset for the coming day. Getting these items done also helps clear my mind so that my mind isn't racing about everything that needs to get done when I'm trying to fall asleep. 

My husband and I team up on a few these items, like the cleaning, because it helps the entire household have a better day. Homemaking may be what God designed women for, but @@to really be productive and successful, you need to work as a team with your husband.@@ Break up the tasks that you can and share them with your husband and children and get your whole household living with intention

things to do at night to make your day easier

1. Do some quick cleaning

My husband is a little OCD about making sure that the living areas are clean when we go to bed, which is great because it means we start the day fresh. Everyone knows it's more stressful to wake up to a sink full of dishes versus staying up a few minutes later at night to get them done. A few things you may want to clean include: the dishes, pick up the toys, fold and put away laundry, and quickly sweep or vacuum the floors.

2. Review tomorrow's schedule

If I don't go over the next day in my head, I can't sleep at night. I don't know what it is but I just can't sleep if I haven't talked myself through the events going on the next day.

3. Make a to do list

This sort of goes hand in hand with reviewing your schedule, coming up with a plan to tackle the day is basically the definition of living with intention. This is the most important thing for me to do at night because I have a terrible memory. I could blame it on the fact that I have a two-month-old who loves to eat, but it's just me. On Sunday evenings I make a sort of master to do list for the week that I work off of for the rest of the week. I also just love to make lists so I'm fine rewriting the same tasks over and over until they get done. Rewriting your list may not be your thing, find a list making method that works for you and run with it.

4. Read the Bible

I love doing my devotions and Bible studies at night because it gives me happier thoughts to fall asleep to and I wake up with a better attitude. If you need a new Bible study, check out my 7-day email course and Bible study that starts on October 23rd!

5. Go to bed at a decent time

This one is the hardest for me in my current season, my two-month-old is a fan of eating like all the time. But I try to go to bed by 10:30 and that's still not quite early enough (considering I wake up 3-4 times per night) for me. Experiment and find what bedtime works best for you.

These tasks may seem inconsequential but I guarantee you that doing each of these items will make your day so much easier. Is there anything else you do in the evenings to make your days easier?