It's A... | Gender Reveal

Earlier this week we got to have our 20-week ultrasound and found out Baby #2's gender! We are very excited but before I get to the big announcement, I'll fill you in on the ultrasound.

We got lucky and the ultrasound tech was the gal who had done both of our ultrasounds with William! She is super sweet and chatted with us and got excited with us too. I love the 20-week anatomy scan because you get to see the baby for such a long time and you get to see everything.

I am so in awe of how God created us to make these beautiful little creatures. Baby looked very healthy, it's about 11 ounces right now and measuring a good length for 20-weeks. It is on the smaller side of the scale but still in the healthy range. I think I just make little babies, William was 7lbs 1oz when he was born at 5 days late. My favorite part was being able to see its entire spine, we could see every little bone and curve on its spine, it was amazing. The tech said that the cord is located at the front of the womb which is fine, it just may make it harder for me to feel movement. But like William, Baby #2 is sitting so low I can feel it hitting around my c-section incision area, so I definitely feel movement. The doctor that I saw said he would like me to have another scan in four weeks because where the cord is attached to the placenta is slightly off to the side which is fine, he just wants to make sure that it doesn't move I guess. Overall, baby is nice and healthy!

Now for the fun part...

(directions for making your own gender reveal volcano are at the bottom of the post)

William is going to have a little brother! The majority of votes were for girl but surprise!

 it's another boy. I'm not surprised, Seth's side of the family is mostly guys. I thought that I would be disappointed that it's not a girl but I have to say the disappointment only lasted for a few seconds. I totally see myself as a boy mama now and I love it! William is going to love having a little brother, he needed someone that he could be a little rougher with and to really lead around. We've decided to name the baby Daniel Cooper Barstow. This was one of the runner-ups when choosing William's name and it's stuck with me. Seth took some time to think about it but decided that he loved it too.

We chose the name Daniel first because it sounds good with William but also because it means "God is my judge." I've also just felt led by God to go with the name Daniel. He keeps putting the word "brave" on my heart when I think of the baby as well as the story of Daniel and the Lions' Den (you can read the story in Daniel chapter 6 in the Bible). Our Daniel is going to be a brave little boy who will overcome much by trusting in the Lord. 

We chose Cooper for his middle name because 1) it sounds good with Daniel and 2) it was my grandfather's middle name. My grandfather, my mom's step-dad, passed away last March and he and my grandmother have always played a major role in my life. I'm all about using family names (William's middle name is Robert which is also Seth's middle name) so this was the perfect choice for us. Cooper actually means "barrel maker" so we aren't choosing it for the meaning but rather the family connection. 

Daniel's due date is August 19th but I will be scheduling a c-section so probably by the time I'm 30 weeks I'll know just when he's going to be born (unless he decides to come early which is doubtful judging by how things went with William, ha!). He'll be born sometime the week of the 19th most likely. And I am actually excited to have a planned c-section this time, it takes so much stress off my shoulders and I probably won't have to deal with contractions or any of that at all this time (since I was in the early stages of labor for days with William, I am seriously excited to not deal with that this time)!  

So, how did you choose your baby's name(s)? How did you announce it to your families?

Make Your Own Gender Reveal Volcano


1 cup cold water

1 cup salt

2+ tsp vegetable oil

food coloring

3 cups flour

2+ Tbsp cornstarch

Warm water

dish detergent

2 Tbsp baking soda

red or blue food coloring (I suggest using a detergent the same color as the food coloring you are using)

White vinegar



1. First, make the dough that will become the volcano. In a large bowl, mix together the water, salt, 2 tsp vegetable oil, and food coloring (use as much or as little food coloring as you'd like). Once combined, mix int he flour and 2 Tbsp cornstarch. Once the dough starts to come together, use your hands and knead the dough like you would bread. If the dough isn't coming together well, add a small amount of flour and knead again. If it is not elastic-y enough (you want it similar to PlayDough), add more cornstarch. If it's too dry, add a drop or two of vegetable oil and knead. Once you are happy with the consistency, it's time to shape it into a volcano.

2. Find a bottle or cup to be the inside of your volcano. I suggest using a small mouth container so your guests cannot see the colors inside of it before the announcement (I used a wide mouth cup so that's why I covered it with a napkin until the eruption began). Use scotch tape to attach the cup to a foil-lined baking sheet. Form the dough around the cup into a volcano type shape.

3. Fill the volcano. You can do this step ahead of the announcement, this way people don't see what color food coloring you use. Fill the cup at least halfway to three-quarters of the way full with warm water. Add a few drops of dish detergent (it doesn't really matter how much detergent you add, the more you add, the bubblier it will be), the baking soda, and the food coloring. Mix all of the ingredients inside the cup. I added a good amount of blue food coloring to ours and used blue colored dish detergent so it was a bold blue color. 

4. Once you're ready for the eruption add the vinegar. Simply pour vinegar in and the volcano will erupt with color! You want to keep pouring the vinegar until the mixture bubbles over the cup.