10 Simple and Fun Toddler Busy Bags

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William has been doing a great job adjusting to our new routine to include tot school. Being intentional about playing more educational activities has been great for both of us. I am able to get things done while he works on an activity (even though it may only be in 5 or 10 minutes .spurts) and he is learning new skills. Although I do have tot school activities planned for us for throughout the day, it's not always enough to fill up the entire day. William has a lot of free time to do whatever he likes but there are occasions when he wonders over to me looking bored or there are times when I absolutely need to get things done so I need to give him something to focus on. My solution: toddler busy bags. I've put together ten fun little busy bags for when he's bored or when I need him to focus on something other than me. It's all about being intentional. Learn how to make each of the bags by reading below.

Simple stacking toys make a great busy bag activity! http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

1. Stacking Toys

This was an easy bag to put together. I simply opened the bag of stacking toys and poured them into a sandwich bag. I found these fun little stacking toys in that front $1/$3 section at Target and William loves them! He can't quite click them together yet but he tries and enjoys playing with them. And they were only $1! If you can't find these exact stacking toys, you can always use simple alphabet blocks or dollar bin Legos.

Learn how to make this simple and fun pom pom drop activity for your toddler http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

2. Pom Pom Drop

For this busy bag, all you need is a handful of colorful [affiliate link] pom poms and a toilet paper tube. The goal in this activity is for your toddler to drop the pom poms through the tube. Like a tunnel! If you wanna get fancy you can decorate the toilet paper tube.]

Make a fun activity for your toddler with this pom pom push activity! http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

3. Pom Pom Push Container

To make this activity you need some [affiliate link] pom poms, [affiliate link] a small container with a lid, and a knife or sharp scissors. Carefully poke a hole into the center of the lid to create a small opening to push the pom poms through. I made an X shape with a knife and then trimmed the sharp edges off.

Feathers and floral foam are all you need for this great toddler busy bag activity  http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

4. Feather Poking

For this fine motor activity, you just need craft feathers and a block of floral foam. All your toddler has to do is poke the feathers into the foam. William really enjoys this activity! Instead of feathers you could also use fake flower stems, golf tees, paper umbrellas, or anything else with a sharp(ish) bottom.

Little stretchy creatures are perfect for a toddler busy bag. See this and nine more busy bag ideas here >>> http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

5. Silly Stretchy Snakes

This was another $1 find at Target but if you can't find these exact toys I've seen similar ones at dollar stores and even in those coin toy dispensers.

Make these quick and simple popsicle stick puzzles for your toddler's busy bag! http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

6. Popsicle Stick Puzzles

All you need for this activity is [affiliate link] popsicle sticks (an even number) and markers. Draw shapes or lines onto two popsicle sticks to create a simple little puzzle.

A simple color matching activity with popsicle sticks and clothes pins >>> http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

7. Color Matching

I don't expect William to be able to match the colors yet but just learning how to use the clothespins is a great fine motor skill. To make this busy bag, simply color or paint a [affiliate link] popsicle stick a particular color and paint the bottom of a clothespin the same color. Repeat until you have the number of colors that you'd like.

Use up the extra craft supplies and put together a letter and shape matching busy bag http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

8. Letter and Shape Matching

Even if your toddler (like mine) cannot match items yet, this is a great sensory activity. And William loves organizing things so he enjoys it. All you need is foam or felt shapes and letters, place a matching pair of various shapes and letters into the bag and let your toddler have fun!

A great learning activity for your toddler is simply wrapping pipe cleaners around popsicle sticks! http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

9. Pipe Cleaner Wrapping

Simply wrap a pipe cleaner around a [affiliate link] popsicle stick for a great learning activity for your toddler.

FREE printable mini alphabet coloring pages for you to put in your toddler's busy bag! http://www.littlecityadventures.com/2016/04/10-simple-and-fun-toddler-busy-bags.html

10. Mini Coloring Pages

For this last busy bag, I have created mini alphabet coloring pages for you! Download the coloring pages from the resource library, print them out, trim them, and place them in a baggy with some [affiliate link] crayons!

Do you have busy bags for your toddler? What small, quiet activities does your toddler enjoy?