A Healthy, Happy Home

My goal with Little City Adventures is to provide women with the tools they need to build a healthy and happy home. This includes recipes, kitchen tips, home decor ideas, marriage tips, motherhood inspiration, and more. If it helps you create a healthy, happy home, I blog about it (as you can see from the tagline in my header).

Today I am excited to share my new guide, A Healthy, Happy Home: Your Guide To Creating a Healthy and Happy Home. In this mini-guide, I give you an overview of the basic things it takes to build a healthy and happy home. And not only that, I describe what exactly I mean by a "healthy and happy" home.


By healthy I mean, creating a safe environment and making balanced meals for your family.


And to me, a happy home is one that puts God first, has a joyful atmosphere, and one that is decorated and organized.

Inside the booklet, I include tips for each ingredient to make your very own healthy and happy home. Each section is filled with helpful information and some sections have space for you to jot down ideas, inspiration for your home, or Bible verses for you to study for encouragement.

It's my hope that this mini-guide not only inspires you but encourages you as well. Take photos of your notes in the booklet or take photos of projects the guide inspired you to tackle using #healthyhappyhomeguide. And tag me on Instagram and Twittertoo so I can see them (@abbybarstow in both places)!  

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