Recipe | Chocolate Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

I've had this recipe idea in my head for quite some time so it's fun to finally have it all done and ready to share! People always ask how I come up with recipe ideas so I thought I'd tell you.

I make them up in my head.

Towards the end of 2015 I started planning posts for this year so three or four times I sat down with the intention of coming up with recipe ideas. I either simply sit with a notebook while watching tv and come up with recipes from inside my head (does that sound crazy? I promise I'm not


 crazy). Or I sit at the kitchen table with my recipe book collection and foodie magazines spread out and a notebook in front of me. I flip through the pages and look at the pretty pictures for inspiration. I look at different flavor combinations, types of dishes, and cooking methods, I never just copy a recipe, I use them as inspiration. I also just find it calming to flip through my favorite recipe books, the pictures are so pretty and the food looks so yummy.

I keep a running list of recipe ideas, mostly because I'm obsessed with making lists. I also keep a list of my makeup wish list. I like to watch those Youtube beauty videos and I write down the products that I think are pretty. I'm never going to buy three fourths of what I write down but I find list making relaxing.

Okay, I sound kind of crazy again, don't I?