The Maiedae Mixer

It all started months and months ago when

Jenny + Savannah

announced the 2015 Maiedae Mixer;


texted me excited (because we both love Maiedae) because the mixer was only about 8 hours from her home in North Carolina. And my house is only 8 hours from Britt's house. Somehow I managed to talk my husband into making it a family trip and we decided to make the trek down to the Maiedae Mixer.

Fast forward to last Thursday when our trip began with an eight-hour drive from PA to NC. Once we got to Britt's, she and I got to meet for the very first time! We've been friends via our blogs for about 2 years now (all thanks to


) but until last year Britt lived on the West coast. So when her husband, a Marine, was moved to the East coast I was pretty excited because I was sure we'd get a chance to meet up. And boy did we meet up. 16+ hours in the car with two toddlers and my husband is quite the experience. 

Britt and I both agree that the long hours stuck in the car was totally worth it for the 3+ hours that we spent at the Maiedae Mixer last Sunday evening.

The Mixer was gorgeous. I mean it was by far the most beautiful party I have ever been to. The whole atmosphere of the space was perfect and totally fit with Jenny & Sav's brand and it was decorated down to the very last, beautiful detail. 

The flowers were arranged by

Gold and Bloom

, an Atlanta-based floral company. Jenna did an amazing job arranging all of the beautiful flowers and greenery and she was really sweet, I'm glad I got to meet her!

The menus and party stationery were all provided by


and looked amazing.

Aside from the amazing atmosphere, the best part of the evening was meeting so many amazing creatives.

You can check out

my Instagram

for more photos and I tagged some of the awesome people I met.

Having a kid-free night out with like-minded women was much needed and so inspiring. We all need a few nights like that here and there to rekindle our creative juices. I met bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, artists, virtual assistants, branding coaches, etc. and I am so inspired and ready to create. 

I was reminded that sometimes I need to take a break from the never-ending cycle of creating. I need to stop and I need to take some time to connect with like-minded fellow creatives. Connecting with other creatives is not only inspiring but we can learn so much from each other. For example, I met the adorable

Chelcey Tate

 who really gave me a push to switch to Squarespace (I'm not making the switch quite yet, it'll be a little, but it is coming) and I met artists and photographers who shared information on their respective crafts with me.

The Mixer was amazing. And I'll cherish those memories and friendships I made forever. And I'm inspired to host my own mixer/dinner/party in the near future (so

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