Educational and Fun Apps for Toddlers

A round up of educational and fun apps for younger toddlers

Educational and Fun Apps for Toddlers

This may end up being a little bit controversial, so let's address that to start things off so we can all be happy and nonargumentative. Today's culture is very technology focused and it will only become more so as we go into the future. So I think that hiding computers and phones and TVs from my son will only make it more difficult for him to learn how to use them in the future. And my husband works in IT and I'm a blogger, we're just a techy family. That being said, if you don't let your kids watch much TV or play iPad games, that's okay! Do what works for your family.

William is fascinated by TV and games on my phone or iPad. Sometimes it's the only way that I can get him to sit still for five minutes. While we were on our recent road trip to Georgia (for

the Maiedae Mixer

) we ran out of things to entertain William. We had little toy tractors (obviously not real ones ha), balls, movies, etc. but after awhile he'd get frustrated with it and throw it. I finally realized that the iTunes App Store has a ton of kid-friendly games and he loves playing with my phone so it would the perfect solution! We've narrowed down the list to William's top four picks for games although there is one that he prefers the most.

Note that this list is focused on apps for


 toddlers (under 2 years), there are so many more apps for older toddlers who are learning their numbers and letters.

My son loves playing The Very Hungry Caterpillar First Words app and the others on this list...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends - First Words

This is probably the most beautiful out of all the apps on this list. The illustrations are based on Eric Carle's work and it is a beautiful pop-up book. The narrator reads a little rhyming story to go along with each page then you can tap each animal to learn what animal it is. Each page has a different theme, like; farm animals, jungle animals, ocean animals, etc.

available for $2.99 in iTunes

Peekaboo Barn is my son's absolute most favorite app out of all of them. Read more at

Peekaboo Barn

This is William's absolute most favorite game, as soon as he hears the theme song he gets so excited. This app is exactly what it sounds like, there's a barn and you tap on the barn door and an animal appears. The animal makes it's sound and then the app tells you what animal it is. The app has beautiful and bright graphics that help keep William entertained. And the animal sounds aren't super annoying like on a lot of apps and toys. I'm not gonna lie, I think it's kind of fun too.

available for $1.99 in iTunes

YouVersion recently launched the Bible for Kids app and it's amazing. There is a narrator, music, and interactive scenes. It's beautifully done and a great way to help your children understand the Bible. Learn about more apps for toddlers here

Bible for Kids

This is another app from the same people that made


, the free Bible app with pretty much every translation every written. The kid's version is really cool. There is a narrator (that you can turn on and off) as well as optional background music, and interactive scenes. The app shortens Bible stories like creation, Adam & Eve, The 10 Commandments, The Last Supper, and pretty much every other story. And they make it really easy for kids to understand and learn the Bible. It's beautifully done and really fun (for all ages!).

available for FREE in iTunes

Peekaboo Fridge is similar to Peekaboo Barn but teaches your toddler food words. Learn about more education apps for toddlers here

Peekaboo Fridge

This is similar to Peekaboo Barn, although I'll be honest, I don't find it as fun. But it does help teach toddlers practical words like "yogurt" and "strawberry." Instead of a barn, you tap on a fridge and then the object does a little jig and the name of the object is announced.

available for $1.99 in iTunes

Peek-a-Zoo: Toddler Peekaboo at the Zoo

This app is really beautiful as well and is what it sounds like. William has a slightly hard time using it on his own because after tapping on the animal and hearing it's sound and name you have to hit a small arrow on the side of the screen to see the next animal. But the sounds aren't annoying and the graphics are really well done, it's really cute.

available for $3.99 in iTunes

Does your toddler have any favorite apps? Or what are your favorite game apps?