5 Tips for Food Prepping When You Have a Baby

Trying to do anything when you have a baby is difficult. Especially when your baby can't walk yet and is 100% dependent on you. What am I saying...even when they can walk and can do some things on their own it's still difficult to get anything done. I'm lucky and my son has always been very independent and as long as a VeggieTales movie is on, he's happy! But that doesn't make my weekly food prepping any easier. After 13 months of trying to get things done with a little one around, I think I've compiled quite a good list of five things you can do to ease your food prep times just a bit.

Prep during nap time. If you're like me then you'll be quite eager to prep your food for the week as soon as you get home from grocery shopping but try stuffing your bags in the fridge and as soon as baby closes his eyes, grab the monitor and try to get as much done as you can. Plus then you can watch your favorite tv show or listen to a podcast while you prep and not miss anything running after the baby.

  1. Put on their favorite movie. As I mentioned earlier, William loves VeggieTales. His favorite is The League of Incredible Vegetables, if we put that on he will stand in front of the tv, almost still, for quite awhile. It's the only time that he is practically still. There's nothing wrong with sitting them in front of the tv for a little while if it makes your life a little easier. 
  2. Strap on the MobyWrap. Or your favorite carrier/wrap. William never liked being carried in a wrap, he doesn't even like the carseat because it constricts his movements (lol) but I was able to bake once and he was content sleeping in the wrap, so I know it's possible. If you and your baby love being all snuggled up in a wrap, this is perfect to try and get some of the basic food prep things done (I wouldn't recommend reaching into the oven with the baby strapped to you...).
  3. Prep a little bit at a time, over the course of a day. This one requires you to be flexible and to place ahead a bit. Take advantage of the few minutes you get when baby is happy bouncing in the exersaucer or your toddler is feeding himself and chop up some onions or boil some water for pasta. It's all about timing and multitasking, it's what we moms are good at, right?
  4. Ask for help. If you just want to focus and get things done, don't be afraid to ask for help! Don't let yourself get too overwhelmed and instead ask your mum to come over and play with the baby or if it's summertime, ask the neighborhood babysitter to come over for the afternoon to act as a "mother's helper."

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