Recipe | S'mores Popcorn


Since summer started I have been craving s'mores but I haven't actually made any s'mores. I have however made yummy s'mores inspired treats like this s'mores popcorn. On a side note: If it's too humid outside or you don't have a fire pit, you can easily

make s'mores indoors

. There's just something about s'mores that screams summer to me. Maybe I just have lots of fond memories making s'mores in the backyard of my childhood home or maybe it's because s'mores are just so darn delicious. Or both maybe.

If you're not able to get out to make s'mores but want the delicious taste, try out this s'mores popcorn. No judgements if you eat every single bite on your own...because I did.


S'mores Popcorn


 1-2 servings          

Prep Time:

 5 minutes          

Cook Time:

 2 minutes          

Total Time:

 7 minutes


1 bag microwave popcorn, lightly buttered or kettle corn 

1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

2 cup marshmallows

6 graham crackers, crushed

1 Tbsp hot fudge syrup, warmed


1. Microwave popcorn according to directions. Then, pour the popcorn into a large mixing bowl. Add in remaining ingredients and use your hands to mix until well-combined. Enjoy immediately.