March Goals


My friend

Chantel shared her March goals

and it inspired me to come up with a few of my own. For such a short month, February was insanely busy. I want to spend March refocusing and reorganizing.

| Personal |

* spend time with God everyday

* finish setting up and decorating the house

* keep up with the laundry

* work on food photography

* take cookies to the neighbors

* plan our house warming party

* working on hand lettering (again)

* workout regularly

* eat better (aka stop stress eating)

* get William to sleep through the night at least once

| Blog |

* update blog design and static pages

* plan the first BBN meet up

* advertise on at least three sites (swaps don't count)

* only share content and photos that I am really proud of

* work on more product ideas

* reach 250 likes on my Facebok page

Abby Barstowlife