In Colour Creations Creative Workshop Recap


This past Monday I had the chance to bake for and attend a Creative Workshop run by my lovely friend Abbey of

In Colour

// Creations by Abbey Elizabeth. She runs these workshops out of her


 apartment in downtown Lancaster every so often and each one features a different project for the night. For this workshop we created beautiful wooden bead necklaces and enjoyed yummy treats (although I'm biased since I did make them) and a fun atmosphere. This was my first Creative Workshop and certainly won't be my last, it was the perfect girls' night out!

Abbey approached me a few weeks ago asking me to make some desserts and treats for the evening and I was more than happy to help her out. In exchange I got to attend the workshop for free and got a discount on a ticket to take my mom for her birthday, which was the day prior to the event. For the evening I made rice krispie treats, red velvet brownies with cream cheese swirl, homemade chex mix, assorted cookies, cinnamon swirl bread, and chocolate covered strawberries which were given as favors (

shown above



I just had to add in a few photos of Abbey's apartment as well. It is such a beautiful space and I found it to be so inspiring. I am totally having her come to our

new place

to help me out!


Once everyone arrived and enjoyed some treats, Abbey explained the project to us and showed us some examples of necklaces that she had made. I loved how she went through and talked about the different paint options she had for us and different techniques we could try but still let us do whatever we wanted. We didn't have to follow step by step instructions, which I really liked because it allowed us to be really creative.


That is Abbey, above. Look at her cute little baby bump just barely sticking out. She's about twelve weeks and I can already tell that she is going to be so adorable pregnant!


Abbey had various styles of wooden beads for us to choose from and then we painted the beads to make them truly unique. And we didn't just paint them. We mixed colors to create new shades, used wood stain, painted each side a different color, and sanded the sides and edges. Once dry, we strung the beads onto pretty cording and either tied it closed or added a toggle clasp.


my mama's necklace


Above is my necklace. I promise my mom and I didn't purposefully coordinate our necklaces. The blue/teal color that Abbey had out was just awesome.

I had such a great time at Abbey's Creative Workshop and

cannot wait

for the next one. In the meantime, you can visit Abbey's

Facebook page

to see her latest projects and to request a custom order. I know I will be ordering a few pieces for my new house!