House Shopping List



Kitchen Cart


Ikea, $199.00

My house has a ton of storage space but it is quite lacking on counter space so to add even more storage and counter space I plan on picking up this kitchen island cart from Ikea. The best part of this is it fits inside my pantry so if I need more space for walking in the kitchen I can easily slide it into the pantry for storage.

Sofa Cover


Ikea, $149.00

We have the CARLSBAD sofa and


it. Seriously, it is so comfortable but still has those clean straight lines. We currently have the

brown cover

on it and it just shows every crumb and hair and fuzzy on it so I'm going to buy the gray cover which will also match the

paint colors


Cookie Jar


Target, $19.99

For as long as I can remember I always dreamed of having a cookie jar in my house when I was "grown up." Now that I have my very own house it's time to make that dream a reality. I know it's a silly dream but I love to bake and I always wanted to have some sort of sweet treat for my family and guests.



Bath & Body Works, $22.50

It seems a bit odd that Bath & Body Works make

the best

candles. We love having candles burning almost all of the time, they just make a home even cozier, and some of my favorite scents are from Bath & Body Works. My mom and I were just at the mall and this Vanilla Bean Marshmallow scent was my favorite one in the store.

As For Me and My House Print


Society6, $17.68

I'm working on a gallery wall for in my living room above the sofa and this print


 to be included. I found it via


and just fell in love with it. It is how we are raising our family so it seems pretty essential.

Console Table


Target, $149.99

I'm on the hunt for an entryway table with drawers to go against a wall in the entryway area. I like this one but I'd prefer not to go over $100, any ideas?

Throw Pillow


Society6, $27.00

I'm also searching for fun and colorful throw pillows that incorporate our house colors in them. I really enjoy this print and the colors would work perfectly with the house and it would be pretty easy to find other throw pillows to match.