DIY // Heart Garland


Sometimes I have the hardest time deciding what to write before sharing a tutorial or recipe. Do I small talk about my day or go into detail about the tutorial? Do you even read the small talk prior to how to's and recipes? Or do you just scroll down and get to the guts of the post? What do


 want to read about in posts about tutorials or recipes?? Or perhaps I'm having trouble focusing because I'm blogging while binge watching Friends for the first time...


When Valentine's Day comes around I always think of those tacky red foil decorations that they put up in my elementary school. I'm fairly certain that in fifth grade when my teacher was cleaning out her room we fought over those tacky decorations. I guess those shiny decorations were popular in the 60's and what not when it was super cool to cover your Christmas tree in brightly colored tinsel and shiny tin ornaments. Do you have a memory of tacky holiday decorations?

This year put away that crinkly pink crepe paper garland that you picked up at the Dollar Store and make this seriously easy and adorable heart garland. It's so cute that you could leave it up all year round!


Heart Garland



Total Time:

 20 minutes          




Cardstock paper

Heart shaped punch

String/Baker's Twine/Twine

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


1. Using a heart shaped punch, punch out various colored hearts. I think I punched out about thirty for my garland but you can use as many or as few as you'd like.


2. Plug in the hot glue gun and put a line of glue onto one side of a heart and then quickly place a line of the string onto the glue. Hot glue dries quickly so you need to work fast. Repeat over and over and over until you're happy with your length of garland. You can be persnickety about the placement of the hearts but I liked the look of randomly placed hearts.


3. Hang and admire.

Feel free to leave this adorable little garland up all year round, you don't have to use pink and red paper, you can use whatever matches your home! If you make this garland share it using #littlecitycrafts so I can see your creation too!