For real! We bought a house! Well I guess technically it's not ours yet but the seller accepted our first offer (after way too much waiting, but that's another story) and we got the house!! We don't have the exact settlement date yet but it will be sometime in February (maybe around the 16th). And not only are we moving houses but we are moving like a town over, about 15 minutes from where we are now in Lancaster City. Even though we will no longer be living in a little city, I am not changing the name of the blog because the name is too cute and we are moving to Lititz which is more of a medium sized town but we can still use the term "little city" for it. 

Our home is an adorable townhouse in a big neighborhood in Lititz. It's very close to a great elementary school (which my grandmother actually taught at!) and the church campus we attend. Many of our friends live within minutes driving distance or even within walking distance. And it's not in downtown Lititz but it is just a few minutes walking distance, which is perfect because Lititz is an adorable town with lots of specialty boutiques and cute restaurants. Basically, it's in the most perfect location. 

The house is blue and right in the middle of a row of townhouses which intentionally, I didn't quite like but it will keep heating and cooling costs low and it's worth it for the cuteness. The first floor has a living room, dining room, kitchen, half bath (!!), and access to the finished (!!) basement and back yard. The second floor has a full bathroom, two smaller bathrooms, and access to the third floor room (sort of like our current room) which will become the master bedroom. There are windows in just about every single room and that finished basement is a huge bonus! And not only is it a full sized finished basement, it also has a great laundry room. Oh, and did I mention that the basement is a walkout to the backyard? 'Cause it is. The yard is small, obviously because it's a townhouse but there is a creek that runs through the whole development and it's super close to lots of parks and a lot of the neighbors had swing sets so I'm assuming that means there are lots of kids in the neighborhood (I mean the adults could have built them for themselves...).

The house is move in ready but does not a good bit of updating. We will be focusing on the first floor first since that's where we and our guests will spend most of our time. The walls in the living room need to be painted (they are currently green with a weird trim) and the kitchen needs an update. I plan on painting the cabinets since we can't afford brand new cabinets right now, and changing up the cabinet doors and shelves a bit, adding new hardware to the doors and figuring out a way to get a little bit more counter space. 

Needless to say, I am so so excited for our newest adventure, it is going to be lots of fun and there will be lots of home decorating and DIY blog posts coming up on Little City Adventures!

Abby Barstowmoving, new house