New House Colors

One month from tomorrow we settle on

our new house

. The house that is


. Eek! I cannot wait! In the meantime, I have already decided on the color scheme for the house, at least for the first floor. My goal is to keep the house fresh and light and full of creativity and happiness. And I love the colors that I found, they make me happy. Royal Palm is going to be sort of the center color for the first floor, the one people see when they come in and I have


 dreamed of a yellow kitchen, thus the Forsythia Blossom. Crumb Cookie is going to be the color used the most. It looks much more white in person, it sort of shows up grey on the computer. Because of the bright-isn colors being used, I want to keep the other walls pretty neutral so I'll use Crumb Cookie on a lot of the walls and I also want to paint the kitchen cabinets and trim in that color.

Here is what I'm thinking so far as for the location of each color. Since the kitchen and dining areas are open and in the same space I'm having a hard time figuring the dining room out. I only want the kitchen to be yellow so I'm thinking of stopping Forsythia Blossom at the end of the cabinets. Would that look weird? And what do you think of the rest of the color placements? I think it will help make the first floor look bigger and even more open and bright. This house planning stuff is

so much fun