New Home Tour

I am so excited to show you a few photos of our new home! Our offer was just accepted earlier last week and yesterday we were able to take our family to see it and I took a few photos as well as got some measurements for things like the refrigerator space.

We bought an adorable blue townhouse that is move in ready but over time we will be doing some updating. As you enter the front door, to the left is the living room (above), to the right is the staircase going upstairs, and straight ahead is the dining room/kitchen. The flooring on the first floor is a vinyl hardwood that looks like real hardwood but is 900x easier to clean. So I'm a little confused at why there are so many vents in the middle of the walls. It's like this in the master bedroom as well. I just don't get it. Later this week I'll be sharing my color scheme for the house but the living room will be bright and airy and happy. And those huge floating shelves are leaving. 

The front door. I think I may want to get a little sideboard type table to put on the wall you see on the left with a vintage mirror above it. But we'll see, I'm not sure exactly what I want to do yet.

From the living room you walk into the dining room area (this is the view from the kitchen). It's a bit small but I think the table we currently have (and love) will fit. I also love the crown molding in the middle of the wall. The door pictured above goes to the finished basement.

Here's a really terrible photo of the kitchen. I plan on painting the cabinets wet, and obviously getting rid of that painted on weird backsplash. I also want to make the two cabinets beside the oven open and on the short cabinets above the oven and fridge I want to add glass inserts. You can't see the door from here but beside the fridge there is a half bath. The open shelves to the left are going to hold all of my baking supplies in pretty containers. Eek! I'm so excited for this!!

The basement is a walkout basement (and don't worry, that curtain certainly does come with the house) and will be a perfect family room. The laundry room is also down there. Eventually I'd like to paint the laundry room cabinets but that is low on the to do list.

Now for the second floor. Straight up the steps is the full bathroom, which I forgot to take photo of. Above is the second bedroom which will be the spare room/office until baby number two comes along, in the future.

This is the best bedroom on the second floor and will be William's room. Look at those closets. It's not even fair.

On the second floor there is a staircase going to the third floor which is the master bedroom. It's not huge but it's quite nice and there's a decent sized closet for the two of us. I really love the ceiling architecture, so unique and pretty! I envision this room to be a peaceful retreat away from life.

And finally, the backyard. Our yard goes the whole way back to that fence and behind that is a little creek that runs through the development. We are going to work on moving the shed to the back of the yard so that we can see William when he's bigger and out there playing. It's really the perfect place for us right now and we couldn't be more excited!! There are lots of home decorating/DIY posts to come over the next month or so. We are expecting to settle on Monday February 16th and we told our  landlord that we would stay in our current home until the following Saturday so that we could have a week to at least paint the living room and do a few projects before we officially move in. Seriously guys, I CANNOT WAIT.

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