Even as a little girl I knew that all I wanted to be when I grew up was a mama. I imagined names for all of my possible future kids and dreamed of the adventures I would take with my family. As much as I dreamed of what motherhood would be like, nothing could prepare me for what life as a mom is really like. 

Motherhood is full of giggles and reminders to look at life through innocent eyes. Days are full of ups and downs and sleepy cries. Life as a mom means leaving the house with a combination of spit up and baby food on your jeans. Motherhood is both fulfilling and emptying. It is full of heartache and heart warming smiles. It means compromising your own sanity for the sake of caring for a little one who can't care for himself. Motherhood means putting your own needs last on the list. It is full of lessons in patience and sleepless nights. It is full of adventures through the eyes of a baby and it is full of proud moments. Motherhood means maybe showering every other day and walking around with chipped nail polish for weeks at a time. It means leaving dirty dishes in the sink and leaving laundry unfolded. It means watching endless hours of Curious George and Veggie Tales. Motherhood is rewarding and discouraging at times. It means stretch marks and body aches. I means never getting to sit still for more than ten seconds at time. Motherhood is the best thing in the world.

What is motherhood to you?

Abby Barstowmotherhood