Happy Lists // two

our new yard!

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Life Happy

being almost home owners // house planning // finally watching the finale episode of Psych // long family naps // home renovating shows // pretty knit scarves // baby babbling // giving William a bath // relaxed Sundays // baking cookies //

Food Happy

my new favorite crockpot recipe for African Peanut and Sweet Potato Stew // William recommends peas //

Snickerdoodle bread

? sign me up! // I love getting a

salad like this

 from Saladworks, making it would be cheaper // has anyone made

pasta carbonara

before? I'd love a dairy free version // I don't like cooking eggs but


looks delish // I wish I could eat pizza because


sounds amazing //

Internet Happy


is a great website for creating graphics //


is a great blogging story // have you seen these

blog resources

from Minimalist Baker? // I just downloaded

this app

and it's so helpful for floorpan designing //


is my favorite Pinterest board to add to //

Blog Buddies Network

is still growing! // some

great thoughts on being grateful

for the little things (even a parking space) // you can

watch all of the Lizzie McGuire series

online for free!! You're welcome //

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