Happy Lists // one

Welcome to my newest series on Little City Adventures, Happy Lists (which will be replacing Taking Stock posts). Inspired by Emmy Jake's

A Happy List

, my series shares what has recently made me happy in three different categories: Life, Food, and Internet. I will share my Happy Lists at least twice per month, but maybe more if there is something special I want to share with you all. I hope you enjoy my new series, I'm really excited to share something new in this new year.

Life Happy 

baby giggles // an organized home // the fact that they put more episodes of Agatha Christie's: Poirot on Netflix // house hunting // William learning how to crawl // spending lots of time together as a family over the holidays // leftover Christmas cookies // baby kisses // cuddles // brightly colored paint sample cards // this mild weather // making new friends // free books for Kindle from Amazon // Ryan Seacrest' New Years Eve special // sleeping in

Food Happy

this deliciously unique


// the most

perfect sugar cookies

ever //

this cake

is too cute // chocolate peanut butter spread // chocolate hazelnut spread // I just added

this recipe

to my recipe box // every recipe from Joy Wilson's cookbooks // these

vegan pancakes

Internet Happy

I do one of

these workouts

just about every night // the launching of

Blog Buddies Network

// I need to print out

this chart

on how to set a table //

these built-in shelves

are beautiful // what a pretty


idea // this


though // have you seen

this video

from the Tonight Show? // Rachel's


of her 2014 books // have you seen

this duo



they do is awesome // this list of

10 Ways New Motherhood is Like Middle School

is so accurate

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