Being Blog Buddies

Today I have a lovely post from my friend Betsy of

Heavens to Betsy

. She's been a beautiful addition to my sidebar this past month and I have gotten the opportunity to meet up with her in real life, as she will discuss below. Take a moment and hop on over to this lovely lady's blog and say hello (after reading this post of course).

Hey there!  First of all, thanks so much to Abby for having me today!  I'm Betsy, and I blog over at

Heavens to Betsy

, where I write about faith and life and everything in between.  I'd love to have you visit!

When Abby offered me the opportunity to guest post on her blog, I couldn't turn it down!  It took me a while until I really decided what I wanted to write about, but as I started to think about how Abby and I met, it occurred to me that she is one of the only bloggers who I met first online and then was able to meet in real life.  

Abby and I first connected when she joined The Peony Project.  As it turns out, we have some real life mutual friends, and she's just thirty minutes away from me in Lancaster.  We chatted about meeting up for coffee, and after one failed attempt, finally grabbed breakfast together at the Prince Street Cafe in Lancaster on Friday morning.  (Sidenote:  if you're ever in Lancaster, definitely stop by Prince Street!)

We spent that morning chatting about blogging and working in ministry and life in general, and as I reflect on our time together, I realize how sweet it is to find friendship in the online world.

The blogging world is so vast and really is a funny thing.  We throw out all of this information about our lives and who we are and what we're doing, but most of the time, we don't


 know one another.  It's not terribly often that I meet another blogger from my neck of the woods...I'm just too far from Philadelphia to call myself a Philly blogger, and life isn't too terribly glamorous in little Berks County, PA, so we aren't teeming with bloggers.  But once in a while you do find a gem who just happens to be close by, and it's honestly one of the most exciting things!

Finding another person who gets this part of my life is always really special, because it really is such a unique and hard-to-explain thing.  Most people don't really understand the time and effort that running a blog and brand really takes, and if you never find someone who does, then you're going to get burnt out really quickly.

I don't know where you're reading this from...maybe you're in an area where you bump into bloggers left and right and you have tons of blogging friends turned real life besties.  Or maybe you've never met a fellow blogger in person, but either way, can I encourage you to do one thing?  Reach out to another blogger this week!  Tell them what you admire about their writing or their blog and if they live near you, ask them to coffee!  You never know what kind of friendship will blossom from it!