2015 Editorial Calendar

A great idea for planning your blog editorial calendar

I have an obsession with planners and notebooks. It's weird. Every fall, when the school supplies are beautifully organized on store shelves, I can't help but get a little giddy. It's sort of my OCD thing to write things down and keep list upon list. Needless to say, I will take any opportunity I get, to buy new notebooks and planners; like the New Year. My editorial calendar for last year was a 2014-2015 calendar but why not just buy a brand new planner for the year? So I did. 

I took my good 'ol time picking out the perfect planner at Target and I ended up with this beauty from

Sugar Paper's line for Target

. And I love it.

This calendar is perfect as an editorial calendar because the boxes in the month sections are nice and large, leaving plenty of room for someone with giant handwriting, like me. And in the weekly sections, there are lots of lines to keep track of day to day to do's. 

I have a whole new method of organization for this year's calendar and it's pretty much perfect! I've taken the small square Post It's and trimmed a bit off of the bottom (which is less annoying than I thought it would be) and wrote the titles of blog posts on them. The titles on the Post It's are posts that I plan on writing and that are not yet scheduled. Once I schedule the post, I remove the Post It and write the final title on that day's square. This is such a great system for me because it 1) keeps my planner looking neat and organized and 2) it's easy to move posts around which is something I often have to do. How are you organizing your editorial calendar for this new year?