William // Six Months

Oh my little Monkey. You are growing far too fast and learning new things everyday; I just can't keep up with you! You are curious, just like your favorite show, Curious George, and love to crawl under the sofa. Right now, you hate to sleep and wake mommy up every two hours at night by claiming to be hungry. You continue to get so frustrated because you aren't crawling as quickly as you would like to, but little one, you are only six months old, it's okay to slow down a bit. Your daddy and I cannot believe that it has already been half a year since we went to the hospital in the middle of the night when you alerted us that you were ready to come. That day is a bit of a blur to me but I do remember hearing you cry and trying to turn my head to see you as they doctor finished my surgery. I remember how squirmy you were when they placed you on my chest as they finished and how much I loved you already. That was half a year ago. I am so excited to see how much you grow over these next six months, I can't even imagine how big you will be on your first birthday, to me you're still my little baby.

I don't know why these are showing up so grainy, they aren't in Lightroom...

William is 18 lbs and 26 inches

While he is still nursing every two hours during the day, he has started eating more solid foods. I honestly don't really know how much food he "should" be eating at this point but I try to feed him "real" foods around lunch time. I give him half a container of a vegetable and half a container of fruit and then at dinner I try to get him to finish the containers from lunch. I had been making his baby food but I sort of fell behind and he's into mixed foods and pureed meats. I'm not pureeing meats. He still loves applesauce but also likes peas and we're trying new foods all of the time!

What is sleep? He hasn't been sleeping well, it's like flashback to when he was just a few months old and stayed up late into the night and still woke up at least twice. Some nights he wakes up every two to three hours and wants to eat each time. It's exhausting especially because he is so active during the day now.

William is a professional sitter-upper. When placed in the sitting position, he will stay in the sitting position until he sees something that he likes and will dramatically flop forward, backward, or sideways to try and get to it. And he almost never stops rocking. He is able to rock so much when standing in his exersaucer that he is able to move it across the floor...and it doesn't have wheels. He sort of pulls and scooches himself around and can get into the crawling position only to end up somewhat army crawling instead. But he's trying! Since he can't yet crawl, he gets around by rolling everywhere.

He will definitely be quite the talkative child someday. He likes to babble quite a bit, especially to his stuffed bear when we're driving in the car. It's as adorable as it sounds! He also makes this horrible grunting sound when he doesn't like something, like when he's strapped into his car seat or high chair. It's a terrible sound, it's just annoying. I wish he would stop.

William is fervently teething and I'm sure a tooth will pop through anytime now. And I'm sure that he will be crawling anytime and quite suddenly at that. He grows more everyday and he loves to play with toys, it's fun to see him grow as he plays and learns new things everyday.

+rolling around

+remote controls

+Veggie Tales


+stuffed animals




+climbing on daddy


-sitting still

-trying new foods

-having his face washed

-mommy picking snot out of his nose

-wearing pants

-having his diaper changed