Updated Diaper Bag Essentials

My updated list of baby diaper bag essentials! Featuring products from Revival Clothing Swipes and Babyganics! #sponsored

*Reviver Clothing Swipes were given to me for free to review. All opinions are my own.

**Babyganics products were given to me for free to review. All opinions are my own.

I found a few new products and items that we keep in William's diaper bag at all times and have come to really rely on these few products. Recently, Reviver clothing wipes and Babyganics sent me a few products to try and I


 love everything that both brands sent me. But more on that later...

Before I go into details about our newest/favoritest diaper bag essentials, I thought it would be fun if I go through William's diaper bag and share everything that is currently in it, I'm not going to leave anything out no matter how gross it may be...

Currently in the diaper bag (besides the products shown above) there is a changing pad that came with

the bag

which has poop stains on it, extra wipes, one of


balls, a dirty

burp cloth

, a white polo onesie, Weleda's White Mallow

body lotion


travel size Noodle & Boo lotion

which is just about empty, a pair of baby socks, a small burp cloth that we took from the hospital, a

pair of jeans

which are a tad small for him, another pair of socks, an empty plastic bag, a dirty


, a sample size diaper rash cream that the pediatrician gave me because I think she thought I wasn't treating his diaper rash, and an adorable little hat. All of this is literally thrown in the bag with no organization, it's bad. I need to organize this because I can't find anything in a pinch. What's in your diaper bag??

Newest Diaper Bag Essentials

Carter's Tee


These tops from Carter's are by far my favorite thing to dress William in. They are comfy for him to play or sleep in and they make him look like a little man.

Comfy Pants //

 His backup outfit always includes a pair of sweatpants because they are easy to get on and off if he's having a rather...poopy...day and if he's wearing dressier pants to church or something and we go somewhere right afterwards, I like to have something comfy to put him in so he doesn't feel restricted while playing.

Clothing Wipes

* //

 Reviver Clothing Swipes recently sent me a few products to try out and I was so excited because I remember seeing them on one of my favorite shows, 

Shark Tank

. Lori Greiner ended up giving them $150,000 for 15% of the company and I can see why, the wipes really do work. They are perfect for those moments when baby spits up and even if you clean it off, it still smells a little, and for when you stop in at a coffee shop and come out smelling like ground coffee (which can sometimes end up smelling like cigarette smoke to some people). These are definitely staying in the diaper bag for easy access. If you go over to their website they are offering 20% off!

Wipes Holder


This wipes holder is from Huggies and comes with wipes but those particular wipes make William's entire butt red so I took out those wipes and replaced them with ours. I love this holder because it's easy to get the wipes out in a hurry and the container is silent unlike most travel wipe packs which are all noisy when you touch them.

Up & Up Diapers


 I've talked about these before but they are just grand. Not only are they affordable but they are the only non-"all-natural" diapers that don't give him diaper rash. It's a win-win.

Babyganics Diapers

** //

I've been wanting to try out Babyganics products for awhile but never got the chance until they sent me a few (actually they were super generous and I have enough products for multiple posts, thanks guys!) products. So far everything is fantastic (like I said, more to come!) but I really enjoy their diapers. All of their products are "Baby safe" and won't irritate baby's sensitive skin. I found these diapers to not only have adorable designs on them but they felt strong, like there was no chance they would fall off even with William rolling around like a nut. And best of all, William had zero signs of diaper rash!! Here's the dirt on the diapers: they are chlorine free, made with plant-based materials, made with renewable resources, and have great leak protection. 

Sanitizing Hand Wipes

** //

Sometimes there are messes where regular 'ol hand sanitizer isn't going to do any good. You know what I'm saying? These are perfect for when you need to change a diaper on a go and a mess ensues. Like the diapers from Babyganics, these are also made with plant based materials. The wipes are also alcohol free, kill 99.9% of germs, non-allergenic, dermatologist tested, and


 tested on animals. Basically, they are awesome. 

Have you ever tried any of these products? What are your essentials and favorite diaper bag products?