Our Christmas Cards + FREE Card Template

Learn how to make AWESOME, AFFORDABLE Christmas Cards + download a FREE template!

I've been excited to send out a family Christmas card for as long as I can remember. Like even before I met Seth, I was excited for the day when I got to send out my own family Christmas cards. And now that the time has finally come tons end out our family Christmas cards, I am so happy with the results. 

I spent a few weeks compiling a list of possible Christmas cards from various websites along with their prices. And the prices were just killing me. It's insane how much Christmas cards cost. We only needed 60 some cards but most cards only come in packs of 25 so to shell out all of that money and have way too many cards was just not worth it to us. So I decided to go semi-diy and design the cards myself.

I wanted a simple design that wouldn't take away from our

gorgeous family photo

 so I played around with different font combinations and layouts and I ended up using the font


paired with Times New Roman. I got our cards printed from

Nations Photo Lab

. I just googled "doubled sided photo postcard" to find this site so this was the first time ordering from them. I was a little nervous since it was the first time I used them but their examples online looked fantastic and I am so pleased with the print quality and how quickly they shipped. I ordered 3 packs (25 cards/pack) of their 5x5"


 on linen paper and chose a fun pattern for the back. All I had to do was upload the .jpg file with our photo and design and put that on the front side with the pattern on the back. NPL even threw in free envelopes for me.


 all orders $50+ get free shipping so since I ordered 5 packs it was about $60+ and I got free shipping. I am seriously pleased with not just the quality but the pricing as well. Oh, and as soon as they finished printing them (which did take a few days), they did overnight shipping so they got to me practically as soon as they finished printing.

It's not too late for you to send out Christmas cards as well! And I'm even going to help you out by giving you a


 card template! You could either print you card(s) out at home or choose a quick shipping option from a place like

Nations Photo Lab

. The 5x5" template is available for download in two different formats, .png and .psd. If you download the .png file you will receive a 5x5" template with a transparent background and just the design/text in white and the text is not editable. You can then place this image on top of your chosen photo in a program like Microsoft Word. The .psd (Photoshop document) is a 5x5" template with a transparent background and white design/text and the "from our family to yours" text is omitted so you can add your own signature in Photoshop if you'd like. The layers are locked so all you need to do is place your photo in the document, behind the design/text. Below are some examples for you.

If you download the .png file, this is what your design will look like. None of the text is editable.

If you choose the .psd file, the signature (the text in Times New Roman) is completely omitted, leaving you space for an optional customized signature.


clicking a link will redirect you to Dropbox.com to download the file




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