Why Your Baby Needs To Be In Nursery

Five reasons why you need to put your baby in the nursery this Sunday. I mean, who would turn down FREE CHILDCARE?

Lately, I've noticed a growing trend of parents not putting their babies in the church nursery. I've seen/heard of this at various churches from various people. I completely understand how hard it is to leave your baby, especially if you don't personally know the nursery workers. William and I didn't go to church until he was about 3 weeks old and even then it was off and on while I was still recovering and as I learned his schedule. I would say that by the time he was about 3 months old, he and I started going to church regularly again and he started in the nursery. For us, that was a good time to wait because William was on a better feeding schedule and I felt a bit more 'together.' Most churches require that your child be a minimum of 6 weeks old before you leave them in the nursery but you may need to wait a little longer until your baby is on a better feeding schedule and until you feel comfortable leaving him. But let me tell you people,

it is so important for you to put your baby in the nursery

 as soon as he is old enough/able. You may get called out to go feed him during the service but you


 to at least try to leave him in the nursery and it really is not embarrassing to get called out, every parent has been called out to the nursery at least once because of a fussy or ill child. Are you still not convinced? I have five reasons why


 need to put your baby in the nursery this Sunday.

1. Baby learns from observation

When I dropped William off for his first full service in the nursery, I noticed that he was the youngest baby in nursery. I also noticed that some of the older babies were reaching for the toes and rolling around much more than William did at the time. Later that week, William 'found his toes' for the first time and I'm convinced that part of it is due to what he saw his church buddies doing on Sunday. Think about it, we learn from watching others and babies are just little people so they learn the same way.

2. It's never too early to learn about Christ

I may seem silly to think that your five month old son can learn about Jesus during Sunday school but they can. While they can't memorize Bible verses or take notes during a sermon, being in a Christ-centered environment is the best thing in the world for your baby.

3. You and baby need time away from each other

You love your baby but it's okay to want time away from him at least for a few hours a week. Really, it's okay. And it's


 childcare people. Free. Baby needs to learn how to be independent from you because chances are, they are going to go to school someday without you or you will go away for the weekend and baby will stay with family or friends. This is good practice because you are still close by and can check on them if you're worried or the nursery workers can go get you if baby needs you. And again, it's



4. You need to focus on the message

For our first few weeks back at church, William stayed with me and the service and he always did a great job and stayed pretty quiet and would even quietly take a bottle for me during the message. But because I was balancing a baby on my lap and focusing on taking care of him, I wasn't listening to the message. William's first Sunday in nursery I was amazed. I could actually participate in worship and take notes during the message. Crazy, I know.

5. Baby needs to socialize with other babies

I know your baby is cuddly and cute and you want to keep him all to yourself but baby needs to make friends too. Think about some of your oldest friends, aren't they the ones that you have known since you were a baby or toddler? And this point goes back to point number one, baby will learn new skills be socializing with other kiddos.

How do you feel about putting your child in the nursery? I mean, the best part is that it's


. Does your child do well in the nursery? Do you like how your church organizes the nursery? Any other comments?

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