William // Four Months

William is wearing:

sweater //

 Joe Fresh

jeans //


sneakers //


William is currently 14lbs and 24 1/2 inches long

He is still nursing every two to three hours during the day and five to six hours at night. At his four month check up this afternoon we are going to talk about introducing rice cereal. 

We are still having a hard time getting him to go to sleep before 11:00 pm but we have a better daytime sleep schedule pretty much in place. I did get like three nights in the last week where he went to sleep before 10 so I have hope. During the day he typically takes a short morning nap, a long afternoon nap (anywhere from 1 to 2 hours), and then a short nap in the evening.

This kid is such a monkey. He is an expert at baby sit ups and will be sitting up by himself any day now. He has been "asking" for tummy time more often but also loves when we hold his hands so that he can stand. He really can stand fairly well with our help. When he is doing tummy time he sort of squirm crawls and manages to spin himself in circles but doesn't actually make any distance. Just like sitting up, any day now this kid will be crawling. Basically, he just never sits still (just like his dad).

William continues to be quite vocal, we like to pretend we know what he's saying and hold little conversations with him. He is also a little giggle box and is so very ticklish, it's awesome!

William is starting to show early signs of teething by attempting to chew on his toys, and his hands. He is doing his best to sit up, walk, and crawl so we just bought him an exersaucer which he loves even though his little feet just barely touch the bottom. He has also discovered his toes! Now when he's sitting in my lap all he wants to do is reach for his toes. As you can see in the pictures, he was really interested in his sneakers too. William has also started playing with his stuffed animals even more and really loves his plush soccer ball that we got for him at Ikea.

He is still wearing clothing sizes 0-3 months and 3 month and is now in diaper size 2 as of last week.

+bouncing in his exersaucer

+playing on his activity mat

+"standing" up (with help)

+being around lots of people

+Curious George

+Duck Dynasty


+squirming like a monkey


-going to bed early

-his carseat

-being held like one would hold a normal baby

-waking up

I can't believe how quickly my little boy is growing! Everyone said the baby stage would go by quickly but it seems like he grows overnight. He is a handful already, but we expected that, and despite that, I cannot wait until he is crawling! I predict that he will easily be crawling by Christmas and walking by March (9 months). It is a joy to watch my little boy grow up, he is such a good kid, we have been so blessed. His little smile and giggles make my day better no matter what is going on. On Sunday (providing the weather cooperates) we are having our family photos taken by my friend


who also took my maternity photos and I cannot wait! Also - any tips on taking photos of kids who literally never stop squirming??